Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Nov. 1st. Cross the Border!

With the time change last night, and the fact that Toronto lost in the Shootout, (again) we went to bed early, and were up at 5:30 a.m. and the big wheels were rolling at 7:00 a.m. We left Woodstock and headed to Fort Erie by the 403 which has no one on it on Sunday mornings.

We hit the border duty free at 10:30, and quickly found out there was a Buffalo Bills football game today, and duty free was packed with everyone buying beer and putting it on ice in thier trunks of their cars for tail gate parties. We got what we needed, and headed to the crossing. While we were waiting our turn, a border guard approached us in the line, and came on board, and did a check. Apparantly everything was fine, and Judy seemed to have all the appropriate answers to keep him happy. He cleared us with the agent in the booth who simply checked our passports and sent us on the way. The agent on board did have one funny question, he wanted to know if our cats were "Canadian"????? What????..... Judy said they were! Don't have passports for them though, at least not what I know of....

It was a beautiful day for a drive, weather was perfect and we made excellent time. Tonight we found a KOA on top of a mountain in Pittsburg, PA. (Home of the Stanley Cup Champs...) Free WiFi here so did not have to put up the dish. We are going to watch a couple show off our PVR nd then hit the bed tonight. Judy reports no lady bugs here, while in Woodstock we were over run with them....

No pictures today, too busy driving and taking in all the views, it was nice, enjoyed the drive today. We had a small problem with a cloths rack that came off in one of the closets, but a few drilled holes and some new screws, and we are back in comission again. Learning that you have to be handy to own an RV.

Had a nice talk with the owners of the KOA here, who are both CANADIAN! Thunder Bay. They moved here and bought the KOA. Runs it from March to December. Told me they have found mega reserves of natural gas here, and he hopes some of it is under his land, and he will be in the chips!

That is it for tonight! Tomorrow is another day.

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