Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Morongo Canyon tour…

The temperatures were way up there today, maybe the low 80’s… love it.

We were out the door early and headed up Hwy. 62 and stopped in for a hike at Big Morongo Canyon.  One of our blogger friends, Rick mentioned this place, and it was worth it! 

Watch out for the ticks!


This Canyon is about 2,500 feet up, but it was a great day and stayed warm…  

Lots of trees due to the Oasis… just means some water for the trees to drink.


It seemed funny to me, to find a marsh in the high desert, but there it was, they had to build a walkway out over the marsh land.


Yes, I kept my eye out for Kitty, as we walked the trails…


As we got into the trail, it quickly became evident that this whole are had burned in the California wild fires, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, hard to tell, but the recovery is happening!


It was warm while we were hiking, and I forgot the water in the Jeep!  sorry…


We finished up the 2 1/2 mile hike, and continued up the the Town of Yucca.  Just north is a place called Pioneer Town.   It was built in 1946 and funded by Gene Audrey and Roy Rogers, and was used as a movie set.  It all still stands, and a couple people had little shops open today. 


There is a real neat bowling alley in the building on the left…  you can tell they have wash out problems on the main street!


Still some props around… over 50 movies were made here, and over 200 productions of other kinds…


Had to take a picture of the bank…  it’s in my blood…


If you can and want to read this, it give a bit of the history of the Town.


It was nice to hear from Cathy up in Sudbury today.  I worked with Her at good old National Trust for a few years.  Hope it is not too cold up there Cathy! 

We did more today, but that will be for another day!

A big welcome to “Trailercamper”, our latest Blog Follower.  The list continues to grow!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Nice picture tour of your hike in Big Morango and Pioneer Town. Glad to see those snakes, ticks and mountain lions didn't get you guys! They missed me when I was there last year too!

  2. Great post, I really enjoyed the tour and the photos!


  3. Since they're so into signage...they need, "Got water?"

    Looks like a neat trail.

  4. This was all very interesting today and the pictures are great... Fun to read! I enjoyed it alot...
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  5. yet another great tour! dogs, no ticks and no mountain lions!..and no water!!!..but you got some good pictures!!

  6. What a great day you had - the weather right now is awesome! Great post!