Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red Sky at night is a…

Bit of a slow day today, even though the sun was blazing… 

We started off by attending the weekly Church Service at the Resort… it was overflow crowd today… you would not believe it!

This afternoon was spent taking life easy and relaxing a bit… can’t be going 120 mph all the time you know!

We took a late ride on the bicycles out into the desert, and we found a form of a Jeep Trail, right beside our resort… apparently it leads back to a trail up the Indio Hills.  As we were there, a Jeep came out and the owner was telling us you could ride a piece back to the trail.  

When we got back to the RV, we traded in the bicycles for our Jeep and drove out the trail… as you can tell by now we forgot the camera.  The trail is about 2 1/2 miles back and climbed way up in the hills, and ended in a little camp site…(party site…). 

On the way back to the resort the sky was on fire…


All the shots are of Mount Jacinto…



Tomorrow is a big day, as we take off in the morning and will head north up to the Town of Mojave.  We will stay overnight there, and then on Tuesday, we will go on a tour of Edwards Air Force Base!  Can’t wait…

We have a new blog follower tonight, “Happytrails”… thanks for show interest in RVlifeonwheels!

May not be a blog tomorrow as it depends on a wifi connection at our hotel!

Till tomorrow… (maybe)


  1. Nice sunset photos! Have a great time up at Edwards Airforce base, that should be really interesting. Don't forget your camera o.k., because we'll all be looking for some neat pictures - provided it's not all super-secret stuff there!!

  2. Have a wonderful day at the base - there will be an exam Wed. back at Desert Hot Springs -- ha, not!

  3. Edwards AFB is the kind of place I would find interesting as well.

  4. beautiful sunset shots tonight!!!..great photography!!

  5. Not surprising lots of folks go to the service, since you all are camping on the San Andreas fault. Sunsets out here are pretty amazing.