Friday, January 7, 2011

It’s getting better all the time…

It seems ever since Rick and Paulette from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels got here in the desert, our weather has been getting better!  Thanks!

Not a lot on our plate today, as Judy is just getting over a cold that Tom left behind when he was visiting with Cheryl last week. 

We took a ride into Indio, a Town that we have not gone to much today to do a bit of shopping.

We took the 111 from Indio up into Rancho Mirage which turned out to be a beautiful drive.


Judy was on the camera today, so you will see lots of Palm Trees!


We went to a very large and very new Target Superstore in Indio, and I could not believe how FEW people were there spending any money.  No one was there!  Seems the local economy in Indio may not be so good…


Yes, every picture today had our Jeep dashboard in it… that kind of day!  Made it home this afternoon, and simply took life easy… love being retired!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well, we went to JC Penney there - you know 70% off! There were lots of ladies shopping there. Sorry to hear Judy has 'the' cold.

  2. I wish I could take credit for the great weather because I'd make sure it was nice all the time!! I never even made it out of the park today as I was busy setting up and organizing!

  3. so happy that the good weather has finally arrived for all my favourite 'travelling bloggers'..maybe Rick and Paulette did bring the good weather..cause they sure left the rain here in British Columbia!

  4. Big improvement in the southeast Arizona weather too as we hit 70F Friday. We may be in Borrego Springs in awhile so keep that great weather happening there in southern California.

  5. Hi Folks
    Weather in Apache low 60's....send a little more warmth our way....when do you have more company coming...I may head over on the bike in the next couple of will likely be a Friday...committed to playing hockey 4 times a week now...

    All the Best