Monday, January 3, 2011

Get-a-way day for Tom and Cheryl

Quite a bit cool here in the Desert this morning as we enjoyed breakfast with Tom and Cheryl.

They were planning on heading out to see more of California and Az. 

First off, was to head over to the big Costco for a bit of money spending.  Judy and I followed them over and we all did a bit of shopping. 

Next was a trip across the road to Starbuck for a good bye coffee and bite to eat.  They headed off for the Salton Sea.  Plans were to end the day in Yuma.  Too bad for Tom, but he is quite sick with a cold or flue or something! 

We  just received an email from them at 9:30 our time tonight, and all is well, they are in Yuma and Tom spent most of the day sleeping in the car!

Simply too cold to even take pictures today… well not really, just never got around to it.  This afternoon was spent on cleaning up the RV and laundry… gotta be done!

Sure had a great time with Tom and Cheryl, nice to have the company…

Till tomorrow…

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  1. We'll be down there by the end of this week, so please, please, please turn the heaters on, o.k.!!