Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watch out for that Virus going around...

Yes, watch out for the COMPUTER Virus going around... this morning I was doing some surfing around the Web with my trusty HP and all of a sudden zapppppp.... the virus takes over your computer not allowing you to do anything, and wants you to buy a virus cleaning program for $80.00. Don't fall for it!

Ended up taking mine into a computer shop in Desert Hot Springs today, where I was told they clean this virus off machines on a daily basis! They have an advertised special of $29.95 for virus removal and a tune up to increase your computer speed. We will see... If they come through for us, I will give them a plug! Won't get it back until Tuesday of next week! So that is why the blog may look a little different tonight, as I am on Judy's computer with no "live writer"...

We are still fighting off that other virus, the cold bug... so we did not do much today at all!

We had to made a phone call first thing to sing Happy Birthday to our Daughter Kristina, back in Woodstock, Ontario! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We will see you in the spring!

With the cold virus messing with my mind, I totally missed last night hockey game for my beloved Maple Leafs... They beat Atlanta 9 to 3! I was so used to them playing on Saturday night, I forgot the Friday night game in Atlanta. There is not Saturday night Game for them as they will be flying to Los Angeles, so Judy and I can go see them Monday Night! Yeah... Go Leafs Go! We have our sweater ready!

The other day in my blog about going up to Big Bear, I mentioned that we could not take the new highway 330 up as it had a road block. One of our readers, Cindy, was in touch with Judy over that blog, as she lives up in that area, and sent us this picture... oooppssss, sorry, I can't get the pic to down load in Blogger... go figure... anyways, the entire road got washed away and they figure the highway could be closed for up to 2 years for repairs! Yikes...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Too bad about that computer virus and worse about not getting your computer back until next Tuesday.

    Hope you enjoy the hockey game. I'll bet there will be more Leaf fans at the game than home team fans!

  2. sorry to hear about your 'virus issues'!!!..hope you enjoy the hockey game..Canucks game is in OT!!..