Saturday, January 29, 2011

Population of Desert Hot Springs increases by 2…

Today John and Pat M. came down off of Big Bear Ski Hills, and joined us at Caliente Springs Resort! They had a rental car they dropped off at the Palm Springs Airport, so we picked them up and brought them out to the resort!

They had made arrangements to rent one of the rental park model units for 2 weeks, and it was set and ready to go.  It is basically a brand new unit fully set up to go with everything you need, and only a couple blocks inside the park from our lot.


We did not do much today, just got them settled into the unit and showed them around the resort.


It was simply a beautiful day in DHS with temps in the high 70’s… (+25 for the Canadians…) with no winds at all, it was a great opportunity to have a full audience while I tested out my new toy helicopter to earn my licence!


It is a little harder to fly than I thought it might be, and you need to practice, but I did get it up a few feet in the air… you need to pay full attention to what you are doing!   Judy took the pictures to record this event for us today…


We enjoyed a great BBQ dinner with John and Pat tonight and spent hours getting caught up!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Your “new toy helicopter” sure looks like a lot of fun. I think it’s larger than I would have thought too.


  2. Glad to see you working on your chopper license. If I happen to see a wayward helicopter flying over our RV park at least I'll know where it came from. Glad to see your friends arrived and are all settled in.

  3. have fun with your friends!..seeing the area with two new sets of eyes will be fun!! can take them four wheeling!!!!

  4. Once I know how many crashes it will survive, I may go looking for one :)