Friday, January 21, 2011

A Trip to the “Sea” …

OK, so we had to tone things down a little after all that excitement yesterday out in Rattlesnake Canyon… we are retired you know…

This morning was spent cleaning the Jeep while Judy was doing pool exercises…  Tomorrow morning, we are picking up Rick and Paulette from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels so we had to have a clean Jeep!  We are going into Palm Springs for breakfast, and when I mentioned to Judy that I found a shortcut through Rattlesnake Canyon to get to the Restaurant she said “NO”…  sorry Rick… Palm Drive will have to do…

Thanks to Bob Hayes over in Apache Junction, Az. who mailed my glasses back to me after I forgot them while visiting him for the Leaf Game in Phoenix.  They arrived safe and sound Bob and I owe you $1.90 and a beverage of your choice! 

After the Jeep was cleaned up and presentable we decided to jump on the Burgman and head down and check out the Salton Sea and Slab City!

We rode into Palm Springs, and picked up Hwy. 111 south towards the Sea.  There is nothing like Palm Trees and blue sky and they are both abundant here!  Today was simply gorgeous!


Before long we were in Corcella, and more agricultural land…  here are Date Trees…


This field was just planted… maybe lettuce???


California is know for it’s grapes, so why not grow some below…


And here is our first look at the Salton Sea… it is about 60 miles long, and was formed years ago when the Colorado River over flowed it’s banks…


My most favourite song ever  “SMOKE ON THE WATER”…  (Deep Purple)  this is what happens to you when you grow up in the 70’s…


You can tie your horse up at the local watering hole in Niland, Ca.  You turn here to head out to Slab City…


We had to stop at Salvation Mountain of course…this is a 3 storey hill made of concrete, adobe, and latex paint!  Leonard Knight made this wonder from 1983 to 2009. 


There is that darn Smoke on the Water again… it was agricultural fields being burned off… I checked it out with our binoculars.


This is an overview of Slab city… this area was once a training ground for soldiers in the American Army.  They left, and the RV’ers took over.


This guy does solar installations for your RV… Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) and his Wife Kelly, had panels installed on their RV here.  Certainly no lack of sun around here…


We found some fine Slab City Art while we were there…


Not very aerodynamic…


On the way home we checked out some State Parks along the east Shore of the Salton Sea.  You can camp here for $10.00 per night!  We might come back here in the future… stay tuned.


Judy’s Suzuki liked it by the Sea Shore…


Just a great day overall.  I little tamer than blasting through Rattlesnake Canyon… but you have to have balance in your life!

Till tomorrow…


  1. It was great seeing pictures of Slab City again. We went there last year and saw pretty much what you saw.

    Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

  2. Good for you guys in getting off the beaten path again & checking out another area not normally visited by most people. I was at first appalled by all the trash at Slab City but by the 3rd day of our our solar installation I began to get a feeling & understanding for the Slabs. It was beginning to grow on me......

  3. You should post the Slab City Song.

  4. Looks like everyone but us has been to slab city. We will need to correct that. Looks like you had a good time.

  5. Well, we haven't been there to Slab City either, so its on our list as well. Great pictures and information! Hope you had a wonderful breakfast at Ruby's, sorry to have missed that.

  6. We are another couple who has never been to Slab City, but it is on the list. Thanks for the great post and information. Enjoyed it.