Monday, January 31, 2011

Joshua Tree Part Deux…

The other day we made quite a few plans with John and Pat to fill in the next couple weeks.  Today’s plan was to go up to Joshua Tree State Park.  We didn’t plan on some pretty nasty winds while we were there!  At least we had all sun, and the temperature was not too bad, but for most of the day the wind was up!

We started off by heading over to arches rock! 

Ya, none of us were brave enough today for our shorts with the big wind up…


It is kind of a neat rock!


Here is the crew making the climb up to the rock.


With the high winds, we decided to take the Jeep Eco Tour that takes you out into the middle of no where until your lost, and then hope you can find your way out!   We did…  we had a blast doing the 18 mile trek in 4 wheel drive!


All kinds of neat rock formations along the way…


We came across this freak Joshua Tree… no one knows why it grew so straight!


Yup, that would be cap rock below…


Here is John looking at Palm Springs from the top of Keyes Lookout! 


We found some rock climbers, look in the direct centre of the pic below…


The lake below had dropped about 2 feet since Judy and I were here about 3 weeks ago…


Pat is checking out the dam the cowboys built.


A long time ago, local Indians painted these rocks with some petroglyphs… Judy and John are checking them out.


We had a great day, and then headed back down to DHS and picked up a Pizza Hut Pizza for din din!

It is hard being a tourist!

Till tomorrow…


  1. another great day!..too bad you had to wear pants!!!

  2. Joshua Tree is a great place to visit no matter how many times one has been there. Those rock formations are pretty interesting and I still can't believe guys would rock climb in strong winds like that. Nothing like a take out pizza to end a great day.

  3. What company did you use for the Jeep tour? (Or is the company "Jeep Eco Tour"?) I'm hoping to do a JTree visit in March and that sounds like a fun time.

  4. I love Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, and hope to get back there someday. Those big rocks are just magnificent - loved your photos. Thanks for sharing.