Saturday, January 22, 2011

My kind of day!

The weather here has become just PERFECT, to the point where Judy and I are now just glad to be here!   It got to about 79 degrees F. today, (maybe around 25 degrees C. for the Cdn. crowd) with nothing but sun… you couldn’t buy a cloud if you had a Million Dollars! 

The day started real nice as we drove down at 8:00 a.m. this morning to the Sands RV Resort and picked up Rick and Paulette from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and headed into Palm Springs for breakfast out!  I got nixed on the idea of going through Rattlesnake Canyon, so we had to settle on taking a paved road… boring!

Ruby’s Dinner is like a 1960’s type place, with a train track and train running up on the ceiling… check out the bicycles as part of the decor…  we decided to sit outside in the sun as… well, why not?


This picture did not turn out great, but they had a model of the Tram Ride at Mount Jacinto… kind of neat!


I love the red!  Rick and Paulette gave us the tour of their new 5th wheel… it is real nice! 

DSCN7368.When you walk in the restaurant, you just kind of stand there and watch the train…


We never ended up with a picture of the four of us on our camera, even after this older gentlemen took one for us… his aim was off a bit… so this one will have to do…   I think Rick may have one on his blog, I will have to go and look.


More important than the picture, we had a fantastic time over a couple hours with Rick and Paulette trading a bunch of RV and life stories, what a great place to meet fellow Canadians, they are from B.C.


After breakfast we gave them a tour of our resort, and brought them around to our RV.   Had a fantastic time this morning… no big rush for anything, and lots of great food and better conversation!

Later this afternoon, we decided to go out to a bunch of outlet malls, about 10 miles west of where we are, right on Hwy. 10.  It was a great day to walk around, and even nicer when you do not have to fight off traffic while you are doing it.


They advertise it as over 130 stores… about 120 of them are cloths!


Everywhere you go around here there is always a mountain looming in the background… Mt. Gorgonia in this case.  Yup, there were a few bargain items we picked up, just so we wouldn’t come home with nothing!


Lots of time to take life easy after we got home, and take in yet another Leaf loss… oh hummmm…

After a few tries, we had a nice Skype call with Tom and Cheryl this evening… they miss the warm weather, and are currently freezing their butts off in Richmond Hill, Ont.  It seems Ontario is getting a dose of real winter this year, not like last year…

Till tomorrow…


  1. You're absolutely right about the PERFECT weather, it's just terrific!

    We had a great time this morning and are looking forward to meeting up with you and Judy again! Thanks again for picking us up and for driving on pavement the whole way there and back. Looking at your header, I now see how big your rig is! I must have had yours mixed up with some other blogger! That's not too surprising for me!

    Oddly enough, I never ended up with a picture of the 4 of us together either!

  2. What a day again for you! So glad you were all able to get together and try Ruby's - that will be on our list for next year, for sure. Take care!

  3. Isn't it fun to meet up with fellow bloggers???
    Glad you all had such a great time!

  4. Great pics me an idea of what I am missing. Happy that your glasses arrived. Just to let you know at 9am I trekked Syphon Draw and made it top to bottom in 5hrs with a 1/2 hr lunch break at the top. Put fresh batteries in camera before I left but didn't test pics...battery light on ....tried to buy batteries at the summit from other luck..twisted my knee near the top on the return...awkward getting down...Judy would have enjoyed the climb...45 plus degrees

  5. nothing like meeting up with fellow bloggers!..what a great diner!!..and some nice the red and white colours!!