Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rattlesnake Canyon bites back!

We were up early this morning and staring at our  computers, when we decided we should be out there doing something!   So, out came the California Jeep Tour Book, and off we went, to take on Tour #43, Rattlesnake Canyon!  It is on Hwy. 247, about 26 miles north of Yucca Valley.

As we headed out on the trail, we could see a major mining operation going on to the north.


As we headed out the trail off of the 247 everything was groovy!


About 3 1/2 miles in from the road, we passed a ranch with real horses!


This was the entrance to the ranch… go figure!


Just past the ranch, the road took a bit of a turn for the worse… yikes…


This trail has been effected by the big rains we had, you can see how much erosion can play havoc on the trail…


Ya, we are really getting into this trail now… actually, it is not a jeep trail, it is a wash that we ended up following…



We are about 6 miles back in, and you can see the erosion big time!


Lunch time…


After lunch the trail starting getting a big challenging to say the least!


This picture below kind of shows the articulation of the Jeep Liberty… this thing will go is some pretty wild places!


We got to 11 1/2 miles into the trail of 16 1/2 miles, and we hit this roadblock…  After much consideration we decided we liked our Jeep the way it was, so we turned back… denied!


A bit further up the road, it was real ruff!


We got turned around, headed back out, and were almost to the highway, and thunk!   I grounded the Liberty on two rocks that hung us right up!


Judy got a little specific with the camera here…


Well, thank goodness they give you a jack for your Jeep, as it came in handy!  You put rocks under your wheels when you jack it up and this helps you clear the rock you are hung up on!


It was a bit of a challenge, but we succeeded!  Turned out to be a great ride that we enjoyed!


So I can tell you what I am doing tomorrow morning… again… wash the Jeep time, it is a bit of a mess!

We made it back just in time for a hot tub to sooth our nerves!  Yup, the Jeep is still in one piece!

And, yes, the Leaf’s won tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Now that was some crazy drive in the desert! You both are certainly adventuresome that's for sure. I would have turned back long before you did. Actually, I probably wouldn't have turned off the paved road!!

  2. that was quite the jeep day you had!..looked like a big load of fun!!

  3. It's always a thin line when it comes to making a decision whether to proceed through a rough area or not. For the kids & their 'extreme' Jeeping it is the fun that comes first & the Jeep second. For us it is the reverse of that. Our Wrangler is our main mode of transportation & we can't affort to break anything on it. The 'kid' in me always wants to push the limits but fortunately I have an older & wiser guy in my head traveling with us now who prevails in that kind of decision making. Looks like you guys got into some pretty rough rocks but made the right decision to turn back. Can you imagine the cost of a tow truck out there. Yikes!! I often think about that when we sometimes get into those remote areas. We sure love our Jeep & we sure love the many off roading opportunities it brings us:))

  4. Well that sure turned into a ride to remember. Glad you had that jack with you.

  5. WoW That was a true Jeep experience... Looked like fun and maybe a little worry to me. We have owned 2 jeeps and I loved them but now we have a low riding PT Cruiser which can hardly clear the road... LOL LOL It is 10 years old and we will be trading it next year! Hopefully for a jeep!!!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  6. That's a drive you will never forget!

  7. It looks like you had a fun day despite the mishap.

  8. Looks like its time to get a lift kit and some big micky thompson tires.