Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A bit of this… and a bit of that…

When you live in a motor home, you still have regular maintenance just like you did when you lived in your “real” house… I just don’t have to shovel the driveway now!

This morning I was full of energy and out the door at 7:30 to wash up our Jeep, and got all crazy and waxed it… again.  I picked up some new paste wax made by Magenta and it is awesome… make you car just shine… down here you have to protect the car from the sun… I see way too many cars down here with the front and back hood, along with the roof, just baked to the point the paint comes off! 

After the Jeep I got working on the lower half of the RV on the passenger side, as it was in the shade this morning.  I will do the other side in the afternoon one day soon when the sun makes the shift!

Judy went down to the women’s lunch in the resort today that was well attended.  I decided to take the Burgman out for a spin as it was simply a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride!

Toured all around Desert Hot Springs, and then headed into Palm Springs to check out the airport.  We have to pick friends up there soon so I wanted to do some early scouting…

There is a big empty parking lot right beside the air museum so I was able to watch some planes come and go… this guy was taking off for the wild blue yonder…


This was a little private Lear Jet that taxied out and with a big swooosh it was gone!  The airport is located right up against Mount Jacinto.


Something about watching planes come and go… I could watch it all day….

This was a military helicopter that took off below and was in a hurry to get somewhere fast…


The rest of the day was spent doing the square root of nothing!   Love it!  Well, I did watch part of the Leaf Game, and it was not pretty, so we won’t go there…

Till tomorrow…


  1. too bad about the leafs!..better luck next time!

  2. You are too energetic! I took my truck to a car wash last week and had it washed, detailed and hand waxed for $35!! Probably not as good as your job, but..........

    Like you, I could watch jets take off and land for hours.

  3. I have always had a fascination for aircraft as well & when I drove for the Stratford Airporter for a bunch of years I spent endless hours at Pearson Internatinal Airport in Toronto watching big planes coming & going. I discovered 4 different spots where I could get reasonably close to a couple runways & that's where I would spend my waiting time. Enjoyed the big 747's just hanging in the air right over my head as they thundered down onto the east west runway.

  4. One of the gems I found in Van Nuys, CA was an observation area at the local airport. It's a lovely fenced off section with covered seating - about 50' from the side of the runway!

  5. Love watching the planes too... Great photos!
    Travel Safe & Have fun