Saturday, January 15, 2011

OK, so my Leaf’s laid an EGG…

Made it back to DHS tonight at about 6:15 after the 4 hour drive from Apache Junction.  Had a great visit with Bob Hayes, and got so excited I left my glasses with him… thanks for putting them in the mail Bob!

On Thursday I made it over to Phoenix by 3:00 pm in time to land a couple of great tickets for the Leaf Game at the box office!  Can’t do that in Toronto! The weather here has really turned for the better and was a nice day for the drive…


The Arena is a great place for a game… and a party!


Bob wore his Sweater from St. John’s Nfld. and told all the Coyote Fans that is where the Phoenix coyotes will end up!


Stage Coach above a restaurant!


This Radio Station was broadcasting live, and the guest on the far left, was Dan Malone, the General Manager of the Coyotes.  Looks like a new ownership crew is going to take them over!


Won’t go into great detail on the game, but here are the Leaf’s in the warm up, and they forgot to warm up, as they lost 5 to 1  ……  ouch!  Oh well, we will get them next time!


The Hanson Bros. showed up to watch the game!


I stayed over in Bob’s 5th Wheel last night and we went on a tour of Cave Creek this morning, after Bob cooked up a great Breakfast!

Ever wonder how they move a saguaro cactus around to be transplanted?


I did not get too many pictures of Cave Creek, but it is a neat little Western Town serving the Tourist!

We stopped at a bar (11:00 a.m. for coffee…) as Bob wanted to check it out.  They have a pen in the back of the bar for real Bull Riding!  Every Wednesday and Friday nights!  Over 1,000 people show up to watch!


I imagine it gets a little while on Friday nights here!


Judy stayed behind at the RV and reported it was a great day… check out the red sky tonight over Mount Jacinto!


Great trip to Phoenix, enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks for the hospitality Bob!

Till tomorrow…


  1. nothing like a hockey night with the boys!.glad you had a great time ..too bad about the loss!..better luck next time!!

  2. It's a good thing your Leafs finally lost a game as I was going to begin a group calling to "break up the Leafs"!! Enough of this ice stuff - get back in the sunlight, it's warm out now.

    I'll bet that 'bull bar' is pretty wild on a Friday night!!