Friday, January 28, 2011

A day at the “Q”…

So if you wonder how we decide what we are going to do in our retirement… here is how it goes…

This morning we are sitting having coffee with our laptops going over the daily email, and I say to Judy…  “so what do you want to do today???”  She looks over at me and says… “why don’t we take a drive over to Quartzite?”   The next sound you hear is the Jeep firing up!   That is how deep we are into planning our lives!

Now for those of you who live in caves, and have never heard of Quartzite, it is the biggest RV spot in the west!  Thousand of RV’s boondock here on an annual basis… and then every January they have this humungas RV show where they sell everything from a to z!  Check out the main tent below… it is the big top!


All kinds of people were in spending money left and right… the economy was good here!


There are a whole bunch of venders outside as well selling in the desert sand!


The show runs all week, and there were a lot of people here today for a Thursday!


Judy is checking out this new 2011 Tiger.  It is built on the Ford F350 Diesel truck and comes with 4 wheel drive and is built to go where ever you want it to go.  Sells for just over $100,000.00… not bad.  It was loaded.


This was a gas powered ice cream maker… weird…


Now Judy will tell you that on Tuesday of this week I spent toooooo much time at Edwards, looking at all the planes and helicopters… so as I was walking through the big tent today, I found a vender from California selling these neat little Helicopters… Remote control of course…


I have always have had an interest in flying but could never trust myself to fly a plane, so this will be the extent of my flying career!  It is a fair big bird.  It actually has twin motors and twin blades that spin opposing each other.


It carries a lithium Ion battery to power the motors, but it did not come with any rockets to shoot off or any machine guns… darn…


So I will have to let you know how my new career works out with my helicopter!

Many thanks tonight to our good friends David and Angela up in Bracebridge.   David is off work recovering from extensive shoulder surgery.  So while he is recovering, he takes care of all our business for us back up in Ontario!  He gets our mail, and scans and emails it to us… phones us on skype to fill us in on anything important… such as a cheque arriving!!!!!!  Runs to the Bank for us, well, you just name it!  Appreciate your help guys and will see you soon in Lake Havasu City!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Let me get this right, John! You went to an RV show in Quartzsite and bought a toy helicopter?? That's what your photos appear to show!

    You win first prize! That beats anyone buying a food chopper or pots 'n pans. You're the man!!

  2. I like your new toy...have fun with it.

  3. Well, maybe it's not a food chopper but is sure looks like a Hella Chopper to me. Like you, I've always had an in interest in flying as well but I do not have a good academic mind for all the ground school stuff. I did check out what was all invovled one time at the local airport in Stratford but knew my mind would not to well with all that technical stuff. Felt confident about the flying part but without the ground school you never get into the air. Rightfully so & I understand that.

  4. We thought those helos were very cool flying around in the big tent. Have fun with what did Judy get??? Hmm??

  5. Planning is over rated! I have thought about buying one of those Helicopters for a while. If I planned less and just went for it-I would have one now! Looks like a great day!