Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sure was nice to get over to the Sands RV Park and meet up with Kim and Don, and also Rick and Paulette.  Rick did up a little piece on our meeting yesterday and included a link to my blog from his blog.  Well, today my internet provider, Huges Net, called up and complained to me I had far too much traffic on my site, and could I cool it before I brought down the whole Hughes Net System… Thanks for the plug Rick, 3 new followers and over 100 additional hits on my blog last night!   The similar thing happens when “The Blogfather” ,  Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH))  gives my blog a plug, my hits go through the roof!

I have a few random things to get cleaned up tonight on the blog. 

First off is a picture of this guy who came running through our site this morning going “Beep Beep”… never get tired of seeing these guys, wish we had them up in Ontario.


Our Daughter wanted to see pictures of the new wheel covers that I bought from Giant RV.  I thought I had posted this but maybe not.  They do a nice job of keeping off the UV rays, and there have been a LOT of them lately!


Also my Dear Daughter, I went out and bought a new set of skins for the Liberty today, cause we don’t want a flat tire while we are out pounding around the desert!


I blogged a couple night ago about the washout of Highway 330 up to Big Bear…  My Daughter was asking if I was going to post the picture… can you tell she pays attention to her Father’s blog??? 

These were taken by a CHP Officer on patrol.

Road CloseRoad Close 2

On Monday before the Leaf Game, (did I tell you the Leaf’s beat San Jose last night!)… Judy and I wanted to go and see the Hollywood sing in Hollywood, Ca.  We made it!  It is a little hard to get close to it, we had to have help from the locals.  This first pic is an extreme close up, and it is too bad they built all those silly transmission and TV towers just behind it. 


Check out this pic, the person who owns the house, actually has the sign in his backyard!


A view of the surrounding hills…


OK, kind of corny, but I couldn’t resist setting up this one…


The one below was as we drove up to the sign…


It is time for a road trip!  Tomorrow I will be leaving in the morning to head over to Phoenix, about 250 miles away, to meet Bob Hayes, and guess what… WE ARE GOING TO THE LEAF GAME tomorrow night at the Arena!  Can’t wait.  Judy will stay home and keep Patra Company in the RV. 

Nice to have the weather up in the 70’s again, too bad Tom and Cheryl missed this last week Sad smile

Yes, there will be a blog tomorrow!

Welcome three new followers!  Squawmama, Fred, and Mactrailer!  Good to have you all onboard as we live our dream!  Hope you are all Leaf Fans!

Till tomorrow…


  1. does this mean you want us to go away!..sorry aint going to happen!!..congrats on over 100 hits!!!woohoo!!!..have fun at the game in Phoenix!!!

  2. Nice picture of Judy holding up Hollywood!! That's quite the washout on Big Bear, I sure wouldn't have wanted to be coming around that corner at a high speed!!

    Have fun at the game in Phoenix!

  3. Awwwww shucks......just glad I'm able to help bring a little attention to my fellow blogger's sites from time to time.

  4. Great post... Pictures of Big Bear was scary! Can you imagine being there when it fell... I am biting my nails just thinking of it. Pictures of Hollywood sign were really nice too especially the one of Judy holding it up. I bet she was tired after that! LOL LOL I am a hockey fan... we have the Tampabay Lightenings here but I will choose Leafs next just for you!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. The road through to Big Bear looks very similar to the one running from Tortilla Flats to the Roosevelt Dam except its paved......

  6. Glad to see you listen to me some of the time ;)
    Love your Daughter

  7. Have fun in Phoenix! Great picture of Judy holding up Hollywood - not corny at all - classic, I would say! Great meeting up with you.