Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy day in the Desert!

OK, so I have been taking it on the chin a bit about my helicopter!  

This morning I decided to go out flying by myself, and get the thing going!   I made 3 great flights that sent the bird about 100 feet up and was flying it all over!  Life was good… until the fourth flight, the helicopter suffered an in flight mal-function and sort of made a harder landing than planned… so we are in need of a couple spare parts for the blades, but should have it fixed and up and running soon… stay tuned!

This morning after flying, we headed into the Palm Springs College of the Desert Market.  Had lots of fun and enjoyed lunch there!

A little dark on the picture, but here are the tourists at the market… lots of people there today, and yes, we kept the economy going!


After the market, we went for a quick run up Hwy. 72… there is a great look out that we stopped at to show Pat and John a great view of the Corcella Valley.


We met a nice bunch of folks from the area that took our pic.  There was some haze today so the viewing was limited.  We are up 2,000 feet here.


We made it back this afternoon, and enjoyed a run at the hot tubs… it was great!  Judy whipped up a great dinner, and then it was outside tonight to enjoy fire in a can… great night to sit out… warm!


Just another great day in paradise!

Welcome to Russ Krecklow, our latest blog follower!  Be warned Russ, life is tuff down here in Palm Springs for the next while!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Oh yeah, that's the kind of tuff we could get used to! Great pictures today. How do you like that fire in a can? We looked at them but I wasn't really convinced yet.
    Donna K (Mrs. Russ!)

  2. How are you blogging after your helicopter crash? Most guys don't survive a catastrophe like that.

    Good looking campfire, we've got the Little Red Campfire and it's sure nice in places where real fires aren't permitted. No smoke in the eyes either!

  3. Thanks for the welcome. We love it down there. My brother and his wife stay at their house down there every winter. We've stayed in Palm Desert, and really enjoyed the area. Looking forward to getting our RV soon, and then we can maybe spend a little more time down that way ourselves.

    Enjoy your adventures. Keep on flying!

  4. sorry to hear about the 'copter crash'..hope you get it out of the repair shop soon!! for life in the desert? looks pretty tough!..we feel your pain!.NOT!..have a great Sunday!!

  5. you have your own helicopter cool must be hard to fly one of those things