Friday, January 14, 2011

Santa Monica Pier Day…

As this post is hitting the internet, I am in Phoenix watching my beloved Maple Leafs beat the Phoenix Coyotes… I hope!

Judy agreed to post it for me in my absence, thanks to having my Windows Live Writer back in operation!

On Monday, when we were in L. A. we took in the Hollywood Sign, and then headed down to the Pacific Ocean to check out the Santa Monica Pier! 

The Pier was built in 1908… made of wood and is still in great shape.


It was a beautiful day, but all the tourist you see in the pictures have winter coats on… go figure.

You can play chess or checkers at the end of the pier.


They keep the beach in great shape.


This guy was getting a clay figurine made of his head, there were about 3 or 4 people doing this on the pier… they were very good.


Just a great beach, and it goes for miles!


Pacific Park is an amusement park right on the pier.


The pier is huge, and you can see, it has wood piers.


Now this is cool, you can actually drive out on the pier for a small piece, and it is the end of the famous Route 66.  Some may know, Route 66 Runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, ending on the pier at the Pacific Ocean!  You can still ride the Route 66.


At least you can tell when you hit the end of the Route 66…


Judy was brave enough to head out and get her feet wet, we did see one young lady swimming, but the Ocean was a bit cool!  


After the pier we were off to the Leaf Game.  Sure was nice of my Leaf’s to make a nice western swing in their schedule while we are down in this area!

I should be back home for tomorrow night blog…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Not all beach visits have to be about swimming; in fact, sometime it's more fun to go in the winter.

  2. Back home we live right next door to Lake Huron & have total access to a beautiful sandy beach...but I've never been in the water once. just too darn cold for me. Swam in the Pacific ocean in Puerto Vallarta Mexico one time & the water actually felt warm. Nice to see where Route 66 finally ends. We drove a short stretch of it near Joplin Missouri. Very rough piece of road. Looks like some warmer air moving into southern California. Time to head for Boreggo Springs soon....I hope:))

  3. What a wonderful coverage of the pier... we were there a couple of years ago and enjoyed it so much... Your story made me want to go back there!
    Have fun & Travel Safe
    {{{GO Leafs}}}

  4. what a great day you had in Santa Monica!..all the pictures are I want to visit there too!..just another place to add to our list!!

  5. Great tour of the Santa Monica pier and beautiful pictures of the beaches too. Judy went about as far as I'd want to go in the ocean right now too - far better to stick to those nice natural hot springs at your RV park.

    I never knew Route 66 ended at the pier - interesting!

  6. This was a GREAT post for me. I went on my very first "real" date to Pacific Ocean Park in 1961. My first love, teenaged crazy kind, if you remember that stuff. So fun to see photos again. I had forgotten all about it.

  7. I just had your Christmas card returned so I decided to do a bit of investigating to find out your present location. I first hit your Granddaughters blog and there was your link. Fred and I wondered where you could have ended up!!! As I expected " On the Road Again" Will your RV ever head in the direction of our French Rivearia?