Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yes, it’s HOT, HOT, HOT…

Yup, a bit warm here in the desert today.  This afternoon, we took our weekly tour it seems to the Palm Springs Market.   We had a nice hour and a half walking around checking everything out…  won’t show anymore market pictures, but I did quickly snap this shot of a thermometer that shows what type of day it was…  ya, it cost 4.00 and it stayed at the market!


This resort offers Sunday Church Services, and so Judy and I like to take advantage of it… today, about 150 other people did so too!  It was packed!  Nice to be able to just walk over and partake!

Yesterday, after we visited Pioneer Town, we headed up the highway a little further, to visit Gubler Orchids.  This place was recommended by our Resort as a spot to visit. 

They offer free tours of the green houses.  They grow them for shipping to retail locations.  It is a very large operation.


I had no idea it took 7 years for an orchid plant to mature to the point where it can flower!


Lots of different colours…


The growing conditions have to be perfect.  Here are different types of orchid plants at various stages of development.


The air has to be humid, so each green house, has a wall like this at one end that is open, and water drips constantly down through the mesh.  Big fans at the opposite end of the green house, draw air through and fill it with moisture.


Every year, the staff have to re-plant all the orchids to freshen up the base they are in, mainly made up of bark, as the roots of the orchid plant have to remain somewhat dry…


Incredible designs on some of these… and the smell of the flowers is incredible…


They all begin growing in these bottles… very involved process.  They do not grow them from seed here, too much work! 

Gublers is just off Hwy. 247, near the small town of Lander.


I noticed a sign along the Hwy. 247 advertising a OHV area up ahead… (Off Highway Vehicle).  It was just south of Barstow and takes in a big chunk of desert.


People come out here, in the middle of nowhere, with their RV’s and sand toys to have fun.  You can camp here for up to 14 days at no cost.  You can ride your toys around and have fun playing in the sand…  bring water though!


Rick made a comment on the blog the other night, telling me I was spending too much time in hockey rinks lately, so this was my way of getting out and enjoying the sun and playing in the sand…  We took our Jeepster on a little run through the desert, and through a bunch of soft sand… good thing it is 4 wheel drive!


There was probably close to 100 RV’s out in the large area, and you could also climb up into the mountains surrounding the area… very cool.


Tonight was movie night at the Resort, and we watched “The Privileged Planet”.  Very good movie about why and how we all got here!  One of the Professors, Dr. Colins, who was featured in the film, was present to answer all our question about the Universe!  Very good night! 

Must not forget to welcome another new Blog Folower, “Beth”…  Welcome aboard RVlifeonwheels…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well, jeez!! I didn't mean you had to go from ice to the blistering hot desert!!

    That desert spot looks like an off-roader's dream come true.

    I missed that Orchid place up the highway but your pictures were fantastic, thanks for posting them.

  2. great photographs of the flowers!..nice work!..that 'campground'..looks like a great 'jeep place'

  3. Great orchid images; I still can't keep them alive at home, so I just enjoy them from a distance now.

  4. AH! Another thing we have missed in the area, that we now have to add to the list - beautiful pictures of the orchids! What a great day again you had.

  5. Great photos of all the Orchids... Amazong how much work they really are. Glad you had such a great day!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  6. don't need your glasses...unless you borrowed Judy's.....glasses are on their way via US postal services.....postmaster said 2 days