Friday, January 7, 2011

Now this is more like it!

Just a great day today in the Desert, lots of sun, and nice warm temps… just the way I like it!  Sound like Al and Kelly from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) are getting a little tired of below freezing weather each night over on the east side of Az.   I don’t blame them… time to head OUT of the hills maybe…

When we got home last night from Big Bear it was already dark so we just headed inside.  This morning this is what I saw when I opened the door…


Now that is one dirty Liberty!  They do not use salt on the roads here in California, but they spread a dirt type of material, like a crushed rock, which makes a bit of a mess on your vehicle…

So, 1 1/2 hours later…  all is well again and ready for the next Jeep adventure!


This afternoon after all the cleaning was finished, we went for a short (well, 3 miles short) hike, just out the back door of our resort.  There is a row of mountains that form part of Joshua Tree National Forest.  It was 1 1/2 miles back to them and we climbed up about 250 feet into them.

There they are… just up the road…


This is the one we chose to climb…


Our resort in the rear view mirror…


Good old Mount Jacinto is always looming in the background…


From our perch, we had an excellent view looking right up the San Gorgonio Pass, and if you look real close you can almost see the famous San Andreas Fault, running right of the middle of the pass.  95 miles ahead is Los Angeles!


Trick photography makes me look like I am thousands of feet in the air, but it is only 250 feet… oh well…


Yesterday we drove around in all that snow up in the San Gorgonio Mountains…


We were almost back into our Resort and we ran into Beep Beep the Roadrunner.  He was friendly, but still kept his distance from us.


We used this gate out of our Resort to gain access to the Desert, and there was a collection of walking sticks for your use! 


(Sound of Drum Roll……………) Now for the biggest news of the night, Judy and I are going to be Grand Parents for the 3rd time next July, and our Daughter Kristina was at the Dr. today, who was very gracious and took a couple pictures of the new baby for us!  All is well!

Must be the new cameras they use at the airports that they have in the Hospital…


Looks like someone is going to be a soccer player!


Seems to me the technology is getting better and better… Baby is still quite small, and not due to July of this year!

Tonight Judy and I went down to a show at our resort that was quite good.  Lots of singing and comedy with a good turn out of residents.

Till tomorrow…



  1. Just gotta love those scenic mountain views & sweeping vistas here in the Southwest.

  2. great views high atop the mountains!..even if it was only 250 feet! never would have known it!..congrats on the new addition!!!

  3. Congrats on the new grandchild, that's terrific! We arrived here yesterday to sunshine and warm weather - what's all this about rain and cold??

    Nice pics from your hike today!

  4. Great panoramic views. New grandkids are exciting, we are waiting for our second due in about four weeks.