Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a bit of everything today!

At 8:00 a.m. this morning I was off to visit our sister Park, Sky Valley.  There was a Men’s Breakfast this morning, and I wanted to hear the guest speaker.  His name was Dave, and I am sorry I cannot remember his last name, however he was the President of Denney’s Restaurant.  Very good speaker!

This afternoon we decided to take a ride out to a little Town that blends in with Palm Springs, “La Quinta”…

However, before we got there, we were driving south on Interstate 10, and guess what we saw… Looks like the Americans are getting ready for the next big one!  These tanks were all brand new!  And there was lots of them.


LOTS of them… this train was about 1 mile long, and just full of tanks!


We headed up to “Old Town la Quinta”…


We toured through the Town that was designed only for the Tourist!   Kind of neat to see, very high end on all the shops!


This is as close to a Tim Horton’s you are going to get around here…


Quite the little area, all done up with fountains and everything… yes, it was a bit warm today as we walked around.


After La Quinta, we headed over to El Paseo, another very high end shopping area, as I was looking for some specific shirts…


We found a shop that had the shirts I wanted, and they were actually under $2,000.00!   The owner of the shop was a retired cop from New York City, who retired and set up shop here last spring!  He could not believe how hot it got here last summer, (120 degrees F.) and has decided that this spring, he is closing up and heading back  to NYC.

Hey, check out the car below.  It is a 2012, Aston Martin, 4 door sedan.  It was really sweet, and the sticker price on the door was only $210,000.00… really!  I didn’t even have to ask, Judy said “NO”!


I guess the movie stars all shop here, and Judy found Sach’s store, but we didn’t even dare to enter!


Check out this California Buggy that some guy pulled up in and parked on the street… yup, we are living in Palm Springs!


Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Pretty unreasonable of Judy to not let you at least negotiate a bit over that Aston Martin. After all, you might have been able to get him down to 200K!! Then what would she have said??

    We've never found the old town La Quinta. I'll have to have a better look next time we're over that way.

  2. Well at least you got to sniff the Austin Martin... What a beauty! Looks like a fun day!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  3. Forget about the Aston Martin. Buy a tank!

  4. boy, Judy was a 'partypooper'..mere pittance!..maybe you won the lotto?!!..nice trip, thanks for taking us along!!