Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are we in Florida????

Don't know what happened with our weather, but today was like 25 + degrees C. and sunny... I thought we had woke up in Florida, not Woodstock!

Not wanting to waste the day, we gathered up Kristina and Gwenny and took off for an adventure...

We were off for the Town of Alymer, and a visit to Clovermead! Over 12 million Bees live on this Hobby Farm... what a spot, oh, there is the odd pumpkin around also!

The whole place kind of reminded me of many a western Town we have visited in Arizona!


This place has everything for kids, including a petting zoo... even though it was mid week, there seemed to be quite a few kids around.... hmmmmmmmmm....

We were welcomed by the local cat...

There was a BIG demonstration going on with all the pumpkin people.... yup, they have a pumpkin cannon here!

Gwenny was right into seeing all the chickens, hens, turkeys, etc...


She also got to be the bee keeper for today! Lots of honey made here...


You can really hurt yourself doing what I am doing above... thankfully the tree didn't break!


Looked to me like Gwenny is 2 feet?????



Now this cow was a "Gwenny" size cow... she loved it!

I was very careful not to throw this switch!

We even got to see the 3 Little Pigs...

They had one big jumping pad...

Billy Goats had their own Billy Goat Bridge. I hoisted food up to him on a pulley system... he was hungry!

These two guys kind of got stuck in the same hole... lot of things to see and do here!


Some how, at the end of the day, I got arrested by The Duke, John Wayne!

Time is running out here... got our flu shots today!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a wonderful place for children. I think I would have had a great time.

  2. Gwenny is growing up so fast! whew

  3. Glad you took advantage of the great weather, soon to hit the road.

  4. Great post, John. What a perfect place for children - even a few older than Gwenny from what I could tell.

    Enjoy that nice weather while you can because it looks like a big storm is headed your way. Better batten down the hatches!