Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting ready to get out of Town!

No improvement on our weather front today, as it was very wet, misty, foggy, you know, the whole bit.

Spent the day working on the RV... had to service our house batteries so they are ready to hit the road next week! Problem was taking the leads off, I ended up breaking one... oh boy... that was a trip to Canadian Tire for a $2.00 part... but all is fixed now!

Had to do some re-work on our shower in the RV. I did this job a month ago, however the caulking I used broke down, and I ended up having to do it again with Silicone instead... try again!

Judy went in to spend the day with Kristina and Gwenny. They all decided to go into London and go to Wonderland Playland. Here is a few pics Kristina took...

She never has met a slide she dosn't like...

Gwenny really likes anything you can drive...

A couple day ago, Judy and Kristina took Gwenny into the hairdressers for her first haircut! Wanna make sure she looks good!

Gwenny always has a wave now for everyone!

Judy thought it would help if she got her hair done at the same time as Gwenny... apparently she put up a bit of a fight, but the job got done!

Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...



  1. That little girl is sure lucky to have a mom and grandmother that take her to such cool places. She looks so cute in that chair.

  2. That first pic of Judy and Gwenny looks like something from Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole - great shot!

    Great pics of Gwenny getting her first haircut.

  3. The RV is set to head south...and Judy too , with a fresh hair style. Now, for Gwenny to share a hair appointment with her grandmother is quite memorable.

  4. Gwenny getting her hair cut is so cute, brings back lots of memories of our girls!

  5. The Rv should be ready now, so come on down, the weather is great!