Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am getting there...

All this week, I have been going into the kid's house, and working on the 3rd bedroom painting job... that continued today... now you might be thinking, wow, is he ever taking a long time finishing up on this job... the answer to that is I am only working on it for a couple hours each morning, as we don't want to mess up Princess Gwenny's afternoon sleeping routine! Must get her ZZZZZZzzzzzzsssssss....


Judy popped into the room, and caught me with brush in hand this morning... I have been working on gets the wall repairs completed, and priming done, which it now is! Ready to start putting colour on!

Judy came into Town with me, and went off shopping with Kristina and Gwenny...

She kind of looks like she has her game face on, but don't worry, the Leaf's are not playing yet!

Simply took life easy this afternoon, trying to shake off a cold that has been bugging me the past few days.

Till tomorrow...


  1. I sure hope you clear up from that cold long before the Leafs are back on the ice!

    I know why your kids really appreciate your handyman services. What's not to like about that?

  2. Soon your chores will be done and maybe they will let you head south.
    Get rid of that cold first thou.

  3. That's a 'game face' from Gwenny if I ever saw one.

    Good luck with the rest of the painting and in getting rid of your cold.