Sunday, October 28, 2012

How big is your GPS...???...

These days, everything always seems to want to be bigger and better, faster, and higher! Where does it all stop???

We recently downloaded an App from the Apple Store called "Motion X"... This is a great Automotive GPS and it cost $1.00 to download. We thought we would just try it and see how it works... well, turns out it works OK, just don't rely on the POI's to always be where the GPS says they will, however to be fair, all GPS' seem to suffer from this problem.

So the problem was, "hey, we have a great new GPS in the iPad", but how do we hold it in the car... you cannot have your passenger hold the iPad while you drive! Just dosn't work!

Problem solved. You simply have a birthday!

Our Kid's got together and got Dad this great vehicle iPad holder... Shawn arranged for it online...sorry, don't know what web site he found it on.

Check out how it works... there are two big suction cups that attach to the windshield. These are the good suction cups, that have the clamp on them that you push to hold in place. It would take a tank to pull these off the window! Your iPad is safe!

There is also an adjustable clamp system that holds the iPad onto the holder, that locks into place, again, your iPad is safe! While you drive, it does not move at all, and if not at the right angle, simply grab the iPad and bend it to the right angle and it will hold! Easy peessy....


This overall picture shows you how well it also looks... so what is next, a 52 inch plasma iPad???

You have to overcome the urge to check your email, or surf the web while you drive, or as Shawn says, "hey, no watching movies as you drive..."

Not to worry folks, we only use the gps. I also bought a small FM transmitter, and by plugging it into the iPad you can play music on the iPad while driving, and the voice commands simply come over the vehicle's sound system in a nice clear voice!

Real easy to mount this in the Motor Home as well, as we will be leaving for Brockville area tomorrow morning! Florida, here we come!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Looks too cool, biut no I-pad for us. Streets and trips does it eal good. get ready not and hit the road, soon, after Sandy whips by.

  2. I have motion X too. Like it a lot, but had issues mounting it. I tried a DIY remedy, but the AZ heat was melting the glue. I'll have to find that online.

  3. Heavy Rain from Sandy supposed to start tomorrow morning. Winds up to 100 Kms with southern Ontario taking the hardest hit. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Like that iPad holder, looks like it works great.

  5. Hey, now you can update your blog while you're driving! You can even take pics of yourself at the wheel too.

    That's a pretty skookum looking holder.

  6. If I remember correctly the website that iPad holder came from was

    That place has EVERYTHING

    Glad it's working well!