Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you are over 45, your a ZOOMER!

After Cheryl made us a terrific breakfast up in Richmond Hill this morning, we decided to head right downtown Toronto to the Excel Centre, and attend the Zoomers Convention that was going on! You had to be over 45 years old to get in... it was all about lifestyles!


Of course a drive downtown would have to include a picture of Toronto's famous CN Tower...

That is Tom and Cheryl's Big Moe in front of us, and we are entering the Princess Gates at the CNE Grounds in Toronto... where the conference was held.

They had a bunch of live entertainment, including the Jazz Singer above, but I can not remember her name... she was excellent!


The had a great dog show, put on by a Company in Toronto that trains your dog! They were excellent!

They train the dogs to do everything, from coming when called, to high jumping, to ball fetching!

They had a Zumba Gold Class going on...

Elvis was even in the building... there was all kinds of trade booths set up, selling everything you might need in your retirement, including Cemetery Plots! The States of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana were all represented, pushing their tourism. I talked to a Lady working the Florida Booth, and she told me 3. 3 MILLION Canadians make it to Florida every year! Who would have thunk!

After the show we headed back to Woodstock, as Kristina and Chris wanted to have a "going away dinner" for us, as we leave on Monday.

Kristina knows how to keep her Dad very happy, by making a great Mac and Cheese Dinner!

Ya, you guessed it, Gwenny was there too! She was doodling on my iPad before dinner... (Oh, that reminds me... don't worry Dee, I will put up pictures of the iPad holder for the car... maybe tomorrow!)


A great dinner was enjoyed, including home made bread!

After supper a game of Tri-Bond was played... it is a little different if you have ever played it! Kristina won! (I still object to some of the questions...)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Some days I don't think I feel like a Zoomer. Sounds like more energy than I have sometimes. Home made bread - no fair.

  2. Hey John & Judy, have a safe journey and and hope you enjoy Florida this winter :-)

  3. I'm not so sure about that Zoomer stuff but I'd definitely go for the Mac 'n Cheese dinner anytime.

    Gwenny's going to be a real computer guru!

  4. Have a safe and enjoyable trip but watch the forecast as Sandy's supposed to come calling here in Ontario on Monday with high winds and lots of rain.

    It's about time.

  5. Sounds like another fun day and great dinner.
    The weather is pretty nice here in North Carolina, travel safe and have fun.

  6. Sounds like the Expo had a variety of events. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. So that's where Elvis has been all of these years? In Canada?

    I'm sure you enjoyed the last supper (of the season, that is)with Gwenny before heading south. Mac and cheese is a 'go' anytime!

    Safe journey to the Florida climes! Are the motorcycles coming going along too?

  8. If 3 million go to FL and another 3 million go to AZ and another 3 million go to CA, Mexico and other areas, what's that do to the Canadian economy?. I wouldn't doubt 20-25 % of the 34 million population leave the country.

    On the flip side we do appreciate all the visitors down here in AZ.

  9. Have a very safe journey south, and we are sorry not to have breakfast together this winter! I think the term 'Zoomer' was coined initially by Moses Znaimer.....