Friday, October 26, 2012

Back on the road again... well, almost!

We had made arrangements today to meet up with Cheryl and Tom in Guelph. They were taking their new GMC 3500 back to the dealer for servicing. We enjoyed a great lunch with them at Kelsey's Restaurant.


I enjoyed a nice fish and chips lunch, and lots of new stories from Tom of course...

The only picture we took today was of the rear end of Tom and Cheryl's truck, "Big Mo", as we are leaving the dealership. Yes it was raining again here today... oh ya, that is also our iPad you see in the lower right of the photo... will do a story on how we got it mounted for the GPS.

We made our way back to Richmond Hill, as Tom and Cheryl wanted to entertain us over dinner. It was a bit cool out, but Tom was on the BBQ and did a great job on the steaks.

Neighbors Dave and Helen joined us for dinner... had a great time. They have a 5th wheel and do some travelling as well.
Kristina sent us a nice pic of Gwenny from her iPhone 4, just so you all get your Gwenny Fix today.

That is about it for today... back to Woodstock tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. nice day with friends!!..and it is great as always to see Gwenny's smiling face!

  2. What a difference a day makes! After the wonderful warm day yesterday, we too had cool rainy weather. Windy too! Don' t forget the iPad mounting story. I have been looking for something for mine.

  3. Such a great time with friends, get ready to go and travel safe.