Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the road again...

Yes, folks, RVlifeonwheels is back on the road again after a beautiful summer in Woodstock, Ontario. We hit the road at 9:00 on Monday morning, heading for Mallory Town, which is just west of Brockville, Ont. just off Hwy. 401.

Could not blog last night, as we stayed out on my Cousin Marion's Farm, and old Ma Bell just does not shoot out those internet rays far enough to work... Also we had a problem with Hurricane Sandy! It hit Ontario!. We had very strong winds last night, lots of rain, and at 9:00 p.m. the power went out, and did not come back on to 9:00 this morning! So, I just gave up on trying to blog last night, and just enjoyed time with my Uncle Art, who is a very young 92, and my Cousin Sue. Cousin Marion, and her Hubby, Peter are actually over in Tiawan visiting their Daughter!

Uncle Art tells me that the key to his long life is making sure he takes time each day to enjoy a couple beers, so being the kind of guy I am, I joined him! We talked about everything from A to Z, and then enjoyed a nice Chili Dinner that Cousin Sue prepared for us!


They keep 3 of the neighbour's horses on the farm, Sue is petting the Colt, but the other horses get a little jealous and give Sue a push away!

This morning we enjoyed coffee on the farm with everyone, and then headed up the road in the Jeep for Ottawa. They were heavy into pumpkins at the Hollinger Homestead.

Emmie was off at school, but Paige was here to say hi to Pop Pop!

Emmie soon made it home from School, and was excited by the sticker books Judy brought with her.

Right after dinner, we had to take Paige over to swimming lessons... nice complex, no pics allowed inside!

Tomorrow is a big day for the kids of course, and we will be staying until Thursday. Then it is back on the road as we head south.

Till tomorrow...


  1. We left Phaeton Place at Rideau Acres in Kingston while we are up in Ottawa for some appointments. We'll see you on I-81 on Thursday too! We are hoping to make Harrisburg the same day. Still some snow in VA.

    Safe travels.

  2. Travel safe and enjoy the sights, hope you don't get tied up in weather, we were lucky and missed it all.

  3. Uncle Art looks GREAT for 92! So just a few beers a day can get me to look that good at 92...DONE! Well, I hope it works as well for a woman as it does for a man!

  4. Nice to have those big wheels rolling again for the season eh:))

  5. Glad to hear you guys made it safely to Ottawa. Have fun with the Grands tonight. I am sure costume pictures are to follow shortly. Enjoy.

  6. Your Uncle Art sounds like a great guy and it's good you got to spend some time chatting with him.

    Emmie and Paige are going to have a great day - don't go stealing their candy, now!