Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Annual Kraemer VS. Hollinger Challenge...

It was supposed to rain a whole bunch here today, but it turned out to be a wonderful day! This afternoon the sun came out, and it was over 20 deg. C. Perfect!

Perfect for Golf that is! Gerard had set us up to play 18 holes today at Woodstock Meadows!

If you had put your faith in the weather forecast, you would have put your head between your legs, and stayed home and shut the door and turned the lights off!

We went for it and were rewarded... The weather was perfect for golf! We enjoyed 18 holes, and even spent some time at the 19th hole afterwards! Thanks Gerard, I enjoyed! (Even if you did beat me!)

Oh, and half way through the round Gerard says to me, "Hey John, it was one year ago today, that we played this same course!" Gerard is real big on numbers and math... and can remember anything that has numbers in it! Amazing!


So, it seems this has become an annual event... even if we do play more than once a year, so we will have to see if we make it this time next year!

Tomorrow we take off up north, to visit Larry and Cathy! Hopefully the weather hangs in for some good motorcycling!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad you had a beautiful day. Hope tomorrow holds the same for you.

  2. Glad it was a nice day - there's nothing worse than golfing in the rain.... unless, it's riding a bike in the rain!

  3. We enjoyed yesterdays lovely rainy day as well, just hanging outside is always good.

  4. Your weather forecasters need to look outdoors on occasion. Sure glad you found a nice day for the annual round of golf.

  5. Sounds like Gerard is feeling like his old self. That is such great news. Give him our best.