Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Off to Hillsburgh...

The rain hit pretty hard this morning, as of course we wanted to travel. Didn't stop us though, as we loaded up the bike trailer on the Jeep and headed north to Hillsburgh.

Back this past summer, Larry and Cathy came down and stayed at our Park for a few days, and we did some motorcycling... they now wanted us to come up, visit them, and put a few miles on the bikes!


They have a great place, on 5 Acres of land in a rural setting... it was foggy all the way here today, and this pic was taken later in the day in the light fog... don't worry, tomorrow is supposed to be better.

Cathy and I are trying to figure out "Facetime" on our iPad's, but had no luck... where is Rick when you need him!


Larry did a great job on the que tonight!

They have a lovely back yard with lots of colour in the trees going on...

Judy was checking out the local flyers that came in the mail while Cathy was preparing dinner.

After dinner we went out for a walk up their road... beautiful evening, with a bit of fog coming in...

I was looking above the Loc Ness Monster, but couldn't find him...


Lots of Geese were flying around honking on our walk.

Hopefully the weather is good for some riding tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. The fog and the red trees at the water make the most gorgeous scenery! =]

  2. Maybe today you can take you bikes out for a spin. Enjoy the countryside there.

  3. Sure looks like a beautiful spot - nice colors in those trees.

    Not owning an iPad(yet), I've never tried Facetime on them. From what I do know, I think you have to use a valid email address registered with Apple(Facetime), be signed in to your Apple Account and have an active Wifi connection.

    Hope the sun comes out today.