Monday, October 22, 2012

Wow... back to summer!!!

What a day today was! Sunny, warm, over 20 deg. C. today! Love it! I think this is what they call Indian Summer out here! Spent most of the day outside it was so nice.

Started off this morning by acting as supervisor here at the Park... a big job was ongoing, and needed upper level supervision, something I have a lot of experience at!


We had the paving crew in this morning at 7:00 a.m. to pave the whole part front end of our park! Man, was that fun watching! Ron, our Park Owner, Ivan, another camper, and myself sat for over an hour this morning acting as supervisors on this job! We had to make sure the black side was facing up...


There was about 10 workers on this job this morning, working with asphalt at over 350 degrees F. HOT!


WOW... check out the finished job at our security gates above... The owners are hoping the new pavement will keep a bit of the dust down, as they live in the building above, which also acts at the Office.

I went into Woodstock this morning, and did a self oil change on our Jeep. Judy and I had bought Chris a set of car ramps, so I decided I should check them out, and make sure they worked right! They did... we are now set to drive this puppy down to Florida next week.

Thanks to Kristina for making me a couple real nice Egg McMuffins for lunch, they were great!


So this afternoon, instead of sitting around like a bump on the log, I unloaded my motorcycle out of the trailer, and did an oil change on it as well. I don't want to have to carry my motorcycle jack you see above with us this winter, so did the oil change now, to avoid having to carry it. We are getting closer!


Spent a bit of time this afternoon raking up some leaves...yuck... but it is good exercise, and it was real warm working on it today...I just rake up our own lot. Still some more to fall.

Looks like we are off to London tomorrow, as I am booked for another ultra sound on my good old thyroid.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Seems as though you have all your ducks in a row and you are close to heading south. How good to have a nice day to get the motorcycle and jeep oil changes completed.

  2. After all the work and stress involved in making sure that asphalt job was done right, I'm surprised you had the energy to rake the leaves and change oil in vehicles.

    Nice to get a surprise hot day so late in the year.