Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween....

Happy Halloween to all! We are in Ottawa are all day today with Emmie and Paige, and simply had a ball!


We had a Unicorn and an Owl running around tonight...


Above Shawn and Jenn try to pose with Dexter and Ryder, along with the kids in the back... turned out to be a very nice evening here for all the kids out and about! No rain, no wind, just a bit cool... just perfect.

Have to cut short tonight, as I am having to restore our iPad, after deleting a whole bunch of pictures of it caused some memory problems. Good thing Dr. Shawn is here to help me do the surgery tonight!

Heading south tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great looking costumes Emmie and Paige!

    Hope you get that iPad fixed without requiring too many stitches.

  2. Safe journey south. Many US east coast folks could use your renovation skills.....should you choose to drop by to help!