Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Challenge is on...

In a comment on last night's blog, from fellow Blogger Rick, I was challenged to post a picture of Gwenny when she was actually crying! Seems a lot of the pictures I post have her smiling... and for good reason, as she is certainly one of the most happiest kids I ever remember coming across! I have never really heard her cry for any extended period of time... maybe her Mom and Dad have.

After Judy went looking, this is what we have come up with as one of the few pictures we have where she is not totally happy!

This pictures was taken quite a while ago as you can tell... however she looks like someone just took off with her box of toys!

Not much on the go today. This morning we met Kristina and Gwenny over at her In-Laws new home that they recently moved in to. Simply a beautiful home, and Gwenny was soon to find the toys!

Below Gwenny poses with Gramma , and Mom on the front porch in nice mild temperatures today... 20 Deg. C.!

Countdown is on for Florida... 14 sleeps to go!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Poor Gwenny! What did you do to maker her cry, Grandpa?? Looks like she needs a big hug and a cookie!

    Thanks for the pic though - now back to the normal smiles and laughter.

    Won't be long now - just a couple of weeks and you're off to sunny Florida - very nice.

  2. poor Gwenny..what meanie took all her toys??

  3. Oh goodness, that's too cute! Hopefully my baby is a happy one who rarely cries too! =]

  4. What a sweet, sweet kiddo! Could it be a result of her grandparents????