Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We were up and at it early on the farm today, as we had to leave Alliston and get on the Road to Orillia, which is about an hour's drive. Thanks to Pat and John, who got up early and provided us with a lovely breakfast first thing this morning. We enjoyed!

We wanted to get up to Orillia early this morning, to be in time to meet up with my Mother, and attend the Harvest Thanksgiving Church Service at St. James Anglican Church in Orillia. This is an incredible building, where way back in 1974, Judy and I were married!

It was hard for Judy to get the whole Church into the pictures...

And of course, they had the Church all decorated up for Thanksgiving... it was a great service that we enjoyed, and then took Mom out for lunch at Little Caesar's Pizza, as we recently got her hooked on Hawian Pizza... love that Pinapple!

LOL, LOL... that is not the Little Caesars Pizza Store in Orillia, and no, there is no SNOW on the ground yet in Orillia, but it won't be long!

We enjoyed a nice afternoon with Mom, bragging to her with all our pictures of the Grand's on the iPad, that include a bunch of short videos we had taken over the summer! At 5:00, we headed over to McCabes Restaurant, to enjoy a great Turkey Buffet Dinner with all the Family. We had a blast!

Our table was a long one, with about 21 Family Members on hand!

Now below, we can talk about the rose between 2 thorns! Meet by two Brothers! On the left is Richard, who is 4 years my Sr., and then on the right, is my younger Brother Gord who is about 4 years my Jr. Both of them are still working for General Electric in Orillia as machinist, and I was trying to talk to them about the good virtues of retirement, but as you can see, Gord was just laughing it off! One day soon they will understand!

Had a fantastic day, and thanks to the power of the internet and the iPad, with help from Bell Canada, I am posting the blog as we fly along Highway 401, heading west out of Toronto back to Woodstock. Judy is driving, as I do not believe in Bloggging and Driving at the same time!

Not to worry to all our American readers tonight, your turn at the turkey is coming up real soon, and I can't wait, as Judy and I are always down into the States by the time your Thanksgiving comes around, and we get to do it all over again! Love it!



Till tomorrow...



  1. How lucky you are to get to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners. That is a beautiful church where you were married. Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

  2. Do nice to get together with the whole family for Thanksgiving. We had a big Turkey dinner Sunday and another on Monday, then again when we get down south, love turkey.

  3. It is bad enough to be following somebody down the road swaying from one side of the lane or more while they are texting. Glad Judy was your designated driver. Happy Thanksgiving. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Is there a law against blogging while driving?

    You and Judy are setting a new record for the most Thanksgiving Dinners in one long weekend!!

    Great looking old church.

  5. How nice to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.

    Having your brothers read your blog could sway them to reexamine their priorities.. To view your active lives would 'whet their appetite' for would think!