Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Work continues...

Decided to head back to do some more work this morning at Chris and Kristina's, as they would like to have the 3rd. bedroom painted now that I finished up the hardwood floor restoration.

Today, I managed to move out about 2,000 books that were stored up on the upper shelves built on the walls in the room. Kristina loves books, and has a major collection!

Judy played all morning with Gwenny, while Kristina was doing other things, and took her down to the park for a bit...


Of course you need your hat on, if you are going to the park these days, just a bit cool!

She sure looks bundled up above... it was only 6 or 7 degrees this morning here...

Man... how close is this kid to walking???? Come on Gwenny, you can do it! We are getting near the end of October!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I seems that with these household renovations you've been involved with, you are now due for a good holiday (say six months or so). Florida might be nice near this time of the year? LOL

    Seriously though, your helpful hands really help the kids out. That's a really good thing. Good on you both for lending a hand when needed.

  2. That's a WHOLE lotta books!! Get the girl a Kindle LOL! Gwenny sure looks cute and so ready to take off.

  3. maybe tomorrow will be the day!!..you know of course once she starts walking there will be no lying on the sofa for Kristina!

  4. Painting and your work will be done then soon hit the road southward bound.

  5. You must be a great handyman to keep getting called back to do more work.

    Maybe Gwenny's figured out that with everybody waiting on her hand and foot there's no real need for her to hurry up to get walking. Smart kid!