Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome to the Hollinger Annual Conference!

When you spend about 37 year plus of your life working as a Bank Manager, you become very aware of Business Conferences... yikes, I have been to a few... well, quite a few if you add them up over the years... all business of course for these 3 or 4 day Conferences... never any personal time for fun... (he...hee....heee)

No more conferences for me these days, other than today! We have driven up to the Orillia Highwayman Inn and Conference Centre for a get together with the Hollingers! Judy and I got here about 5:00 this afternoon.

We booked all our rooms a couple months ago, and it is a good thing, as this place is right full tonight! A bunch of Sportman Boaters are here. Above is the Restaurant where we enjoy our Family Dinners.

We will all be staying tonight, and tomorrow night and will leave for home Sunday. Shawn and Jenn and the kids are on the road from Ottawa right now, as well are Chris and Kristina from Woodstock! Should be a real good time.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will get together for a Conference with my Mom, my 2 Brothers, and all their Families... we hope to have our whole gang here tomorrow... can't wait!


I hope Paige, Emmie, and Gwenny all remembered their bathing suits, as they have real nice facilities here, all indoor, including that great looking hot tub! I will be there!

Before we left this morning, Judy and I went in and installed a new ceiling fan in Gwenny's renovated room...

It was a bit of a chore to install, but I got it finished. Of course, I had to put the fan together out of the box!


I hate reading all those instruction, so lucky for me, I had Gwenny to read the book for me, and then she simply explained each step to me to follow! No Problem... what a kid!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Good thing Gwenny was there to help you with that fan.

    Hmmm.... I'm just wondering if I should notify the local Ontario Provincial Police about that clan gathering your having. Sounds to me like with all those Hollinger's things might get a bit rowdy.

    I sure hope you remembered to bring your bathing suit - forget Emmie, Paige and Gwenny!!!

  2. What a darling picture of Gwenny reading to grandpa. So precious.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time with the rest of the family!

  3. Hey Gwenny - I have to read the instructions to Jim so you are doing great. These guys just can't do it without us. Have fun with the family.

  4. That hot tub looks lovely!
    Gwenny looks adorable, like she really is helping out with those instructions!

  5. have a great time at the 'family conference'!!

  6. That family conference sounds like a great time, enjoy!