Saturday, October 6, 2012

Up in Alliston tonight...

Yes, we are back on the road again tonight, up in Alliston, visiting the Morrisons. Turned out to be kind of a mixed day here, but very cool, only getting to be about 10 deg. C. as a high!

We drove up the back roads to Alliston and Judy took a couple pics of the colours...

These shots are taken along the Airport Road...
Below is the Morrison Farms, located just outside Alliston... yes, a bit of a mist was falling as we arrived!

One of the the Grandkids, (Erin) did the fancy artwork on one of the barn doors below... she is 10.
Pat and John put on a full blow turkey dinner for us tonight! Man, was it good! That is Emily, their Daughter, who joined us for dinner tonight.

John does more that spend the day farming, as he entertained us tonight on his guitar.


We are all taking life easy tonight on the farm, catching up on old time. Judy and I lived in Alliston for about 4 years.

Tomorrow we are off to Orillia for yes, you guessed it, another Turkey Dinner! Alright! Love this time of year!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Turkey dinner and guitar music - works for me!! That 10 year old is quite the artist.

  2. Just something special about life on the farm./ Enjoy your turkeys. I know we will.

  3. Okay, now I want a turkey dinner. I don't think I'm going to wait until Thanksgiving. It just sounds too good.

  4. Nothing like 2 turkey dinners on Thanksgiving - even beats leftovers.

  5. I love turkey dinner! Lucky you - two dinners in one weekend. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Have fun!! I will be in Collingwood!!!