Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Last Month...

Being Oct. 1st today, that can only mean one thing... 1 month to go until we hit the road! Time flies!

We will be heading out to Ottawa near the end of the month to catch up with the Hollingers out there... and then we will turn south and head for Florida! Big change for us this year, as we will not be heading out to the south west, which has been our destination for the past 3 years now...


Our Gulf Stream Endura is based on the GMC C5500 Chasis, also known as the Kodiak Chasis...all cleaned up now, and ready to hit the road!

Today was a beautiful day, lots of sun, and warm temperatures, however rain is looming... so, today I decided to get outside and do a bunch of cleaning and maintenance that I have wanted to do for a bit now. Cleaned up all the fancy rims on the RV with Barkeepers Friend, they are shinning like new... also waxed the cab and the cab over, with Mothers Paste Wax today... what a job, but they are ready to travel!

Judy was in Woodstock doing a bunch of running around, and buying up some bargins at our local Zellers Store, which is soon going out of business, and will be closing. They have some real deals on right now!

Thank you our Daughter, Kristina, she lent me her real nice iPod Video (30 Gig), as she is using alternative sources for her music...


Last winter in Palm Springs, we picked up the above radio as a gift from my Mother, and if you note, the iPod slips right into the unit, and you can play your music. Works great! I put over 450 songs from my iTunes account onto the iPod and it took only about 4 Gig. Only 26 more Gig of room left! Yikes!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We bought our daughter a radio that uses her iPod also. She loves it.

    The end of the month will come real fast.

  2. The rig looks shiny. Nice work of shinning up the wheels too.

    The month of October should zoom by quickly and, before you know it, you'll be heading south in search of the Florida sun. Exciting times!

  3. You did a nice job shining up your rig.

  4. Everything shinny and ready to go, better fuel economy and the bugs just slide right off.

  5. Your rig looks incredibly spiffy! Great job!

    I can see you are almost ready to hit the road again. I'll be interested to hear how you like Florida compared to the desert.

  6. I have seen very little of Florida so I'm excited to check it out!

  7. We are not going all the way to California this year, either. Down the east coast after stopping in Maryland for a week, at my sister's place, then down to SC, northern FL and thence around the Gulf Coast. That's the plan for now, but then plans are made in Jello and can change at any time!