Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey... Where did our sun go???

What a change from yesterday... wow... nothing but, cool, rain, and mist mixed in with fog today! Not nice!

Probably the brightest thing that happened today for some people is the fact that Apple released it's new iPad Mini to the market!


They are saying it is super fast, super good, super everything! It is designed for the Ladies market, as by chance, this 7 inch screen will fit nicely into most purses! The price.... $329.00 in Canada for the entry level iPad... so, not bad! Probably will sell a ton of them for Christmas! We will not be in the market for one, as we have the full sized iPad (which I love!!!) and will be staying with that. One thing that is neat, is it weighs only .63 of a lbs. which is 63% lighter than Mother iPad.

Simply took life easy today, catching up on some reading and drinking coffee, as it rained all morning. This afternoon we had to travel over to London, as I had an appointment for another ultra sound on the old thyroid. Seems, it is still there, and has not gone anywhere...

Above is Victoria Hospital in London, part of the London Health Science Centre Complex. Check out the gloomy skies today.

As we walked in from the parking lot, we were within 20 feet of the Helicopter Landing Pad! Sure would be a real blast if the Big Bird came in for a landing while you were standing there!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I think we got your gorgeous weather. Please do not send that rain!

  2. At first, when I saw the iPad Mini, I thought I WANT ONE, then sanity set in and I realized that, as I have an iPad, I really don't need one. Apple are masters at marketing and once again they will make a ton of money off it.

    Pretty gloomy day here in Stouffville, as well. Can't wait t get going!

  3. Love my iPad, definitely don't need the Mini!

  4. Love my Ipad. I think I'll wait for the foldable Ipad. It'll fit in your pocket like a wallet, but will be 20% larger than the original Ipad.

    Now if I could just patent that idea.

  5. I'm in the process of writing my blog for tomorrow and will be talking about the iPad Mini.

    The short version is this: Forget the iPad Mini and go for the new 4th Generation iPad 3.

    At $329, it's no bargain as far as I'm concerned.

  6. The weather there is so gloomy! My favorite kind! =]