Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you in tune???

Not a very nice day today here... cold, windy, rain, wet... well, you get the picture. Yuck! All I did was head into Kristina and Chris' place and work on filling some of the holes in the walls from pictures etc. before I start the actual painting. It is a dirty job, and someone has to do it!

This afternoon Kristina and I took our pets to the Vet. We always keep up Patra's shots so she has no problems crossing the border, and maintains her health! She is about 13 years old now from what we can tell, and is still in excellent health. Kristina's dog, Cali, put up a bit of a fuss at the vet, but we got the job done...all are good to go for another year!

So, are you in tune????

Judy owns a real nice acoustic guitar, and would really like to play it more, but was frustrated at the fact that it was so hard to tune, and keep in tune! While visiting the Morrison's on the weekend, she was all impressed with a small electronic tuner that John had for his.

I decided, there has to be a better way! A few clicks with the mouse pad, and presto, I thought I had found an answer to the problem!

The Optima Guitar Tuner, for the iPad!



What a great little App this one turned out to be... the cost - $.99 cents!


Here is how it works... you choose the string you want to tune, select it on the app, and then it tells you the reference pitch for that particular string. In the screen above it shows 440.00 HZ. You then strum the string on the guitar, in front of the iPad so the built in mic pics it up, and then it displays the reading in HZ for the string you have strung... it is immediate, so you can then adjust the string up or down, until you have matched the reference on the app. It is real easy, and in less than 10 minutes I had Judy's guitar in perfect tune, ready for the stage!

The App will also play the string note for you, so you can compare with your ear.

They also provide a neat guage you can use instead... the above shot shows tuning the E String, which should be at 82.52 HZ. As you strum the string, the needle moves to show what it is currently at, and then you can make your adjustment! Easy peasy.... I bet you Bon Jovi uses this app on his iPad!

If you are having trouble tuning your guitar, and own an iPad, you can get in tune very cheap, real quick!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What don't they have an app for? What a great idea. Hope it does the trick.

  2. Sounds like another great App from Apple, just about anything you need they have an app for.

  3. Very interesting, now ya got sumpin ta tune up me sing'n Maverick

  4. If Judy's looking for a nice digital tuner that clips to the headstock of the guitar I recommend the Snark Tuner. About $20 and works great. Simple and effective.

  5. It's simply amazing how many of these Apple apps are simply amazing!

  6. The guitar hasn't been out in a while, but I know it will be once we have a little more space. My husband would absolutely love these apps!