Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yes, the Cheque is in the Mail!

Augh yes, my good friends now at CPP, (Canada Pension Plan) sent me a nice letter this afternoon, reminding me to get ready to start collecting my money! Yipppeeee! 1st. cheque due to arrive around October 28 or so... BRING IT ON!

Rousted Judy out of bed early this morning, and we were soon on our way into Town, as I had a lot of painting on the agenda this morning. I wanted an early start!


You can see the progress I was making above, as I applied the paint. This is known as "Potentially Purple" in the colour book that Kristina chose... should look great when finished, and indeed I did finish the painting this morning... this is not too big a room, about 12 X 12 in size. The brackets you see up on the wall hold the shelves I painted up for all the books the kids have.

Judy and Kristina took off to take Gwenny out to the "Drop In Learning Centre" in Woodstock.


Gwenny really gets into the painting thing lately... and just about anything else that goes!

They had lots of great stuff apparently at the learning centre...

Chris and I took a quick trip up to Kitchner tonight and picked up a gas range to install in the house... more on this later.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Gwenny sure looks like she is enjoying herself. Great pictures.

  2. congrats on getting your Canada Pension cheques!..who hoo!!..one day it will be our turn!

  3. Yes the Can pension, been getting mine for three years now, sure is nice little bonus to get every month.

  4. Great pics of Gwenny playing and painting. Just once, you HAVE to post a pic of Gwenny crying just to prove that she knows how, o.k. She is the happiest looking baby I've ever seen!!

    Just think, in a few more years you'll get another retirement cheque - the Old Age Pension in addition to the Canada Pension! Sweet!

  5. Congratulations on the wage increase. Yeah for CPP (Canada Pension Plan).

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governator fo California and you are the renovator of southern Ontario. Are there similarities?

    Great pix of Gwenny teaching mom how to paint.

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  7. Love getting the CPP and the OAS paid straight into the bank. I feel so rich for a few days. Pity it is only once a month. Took quite bit of adjustment from getting much more every two weeks, but I must say I do not miss the work. Happy retirement and happy travels. maybe we will catch up with y'all this winter. We seemed to just miss you along the I10 in the spring. Either you were there before us, or we got there before you.