Monday, December 3, 2012

A great hike today, plus an iPad bonus tip!

It hit over 80 deg. F. here today, just another perfect day! Lots of sun, but a bit of cloud cover every now and then to cool things off a bit! So, time for a hike when the weather is like this!

A couple weeks ago, we found a couple trails while out and about on a motorcycle tour. Today, we did the Crooked Lake Trail. Judy is all decked out in her hiking duds below, and we also packed a lunch in case we became lost for days and days...

This is a very diverse trail... heavy ground cover in spots... like below, and then you hit another world!

Below, you see Judy out on the sand... and there is a lot of it! The orange trees seem to thrive in this type of field, as we were very close to large orange groves.

You had to keep your head up while hiking this trail... did hit my head once... but not too hard.

We could tell this preserve, which is 525 acres in size, had burned a number of years ago. Also below, there is a lot of Spanish Moss over everything that grows in this area.

Now if this is not evidence of a snake being present below... I don't know what is!

I am not sure what type of tree Judy is holding up below... but it was a little weird looking.

They had a few viewing areas, and there is a lake in the background. The viewing areas were set up to view the Bald Headed Eagles, and the Ospreys. We did see them, but not good enough for pictures.

The made the preserve, to protect 2 1/2 miles of shoreline along Crooked Lake. The far side is all developed into residential housing on the water.

We crossed this big board walk, that was set up for fishing... but no water under it this time of the year... have to wait for rainy season.

They had a great picnic table in the shade set up for us, to enjoy our lunch on. Great day! We walked a total of 3.8 miles according to our Magellan GPS.

Last night we had a great Skype Call, from the the Capital City of Canada, Ottawa, from Shawn, Jenn, Emmie and Paige. It was great to see them all and hear about their busy lives they enjoy! They are all getting ready for Christmas being all decorated up! Now here is an iPad tip!

It comes from Dr. Shawn, (aka computer guru...) who tells me there is a way to take a screen shot while you are talking on Skype! "It is easy Dad, just press the Power Button and the Home Button together!"

Ohhh... I said, "let me try"... PRESTO! Of course it works!

Now, there is a lot going on in the picture above with all those Christmas Tree lights, but you get the drift!

In the shot above, they had moved over to the kitchen island. Not bad I figured, for a skype call!

We were talking to Gwenny and Kristina this morning, and tried it again... now this time, the sun was blasting in from the window all over Kristina, but it still turned out not too bad.


There you go iPad users... Power button and Home button together, and you get the camera "Click" when you do it to tell you it worked.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I don't know...Gwenny looks a little suspicious of all that technology stuff!!

    Great pictures of the trail. What a beautiful and different habitat from what we are used to here in Oregon.

  2. I do screen shots while I watch baseball on my Ipad. It makes for a great sports shot. I guess you could do it while watching TV or a movie too.

    Try placing four fingers on your screen and swiping up. Then swipe from left to right at the bottom.

  3. Love that trail. How different from the ones we have hiked out west.
    Thanks for the heads up on screen shots. Would never have found that one.

  4. Did not know about the screen shots, thanks!

  5. nice ipad if only, I had one!

  6. That's a pretty interesting looking trail especially with those snake markings - wow!

    Good tip on the iPad/iPhone screenshot technique.

  7. Excellent tip on the screen shot thanks.
    Great pics by the way.

  8. Appreciated the hiking tour with photos. Nice areas for hiking!

    Good iPad tip too.

  9. great that trail the kids are adorable..I pretty much have the Ipad down love user friendly

  10. I think that tree has Spanish moss hanging down on it. I'm not sure the name of the tree though, but I think they are somewhat common in Florida. Our dealership is in Florida so we see lots of different foliage like what you have pictures above. I'm a big apple fan, and it's exciting to know when you discover something new! :) Have a wonderful day. Great blog!