Friday, December 28, 2012

Day Tripping... Mote Aquarium, Sarasota!

A little on the cooler side this morning, but still lots of sun, so life was good!

We decided to take a day trip, and the winner was the Mote Aquarium and Research Centre up in Sarasota, which is only about a Jeep hour away.

It may not look like it in the picture, but the place was rather busy today, with lots of school kids still on holidays down here in Florida.


This is quite the place, located right on the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of Sharks, Dolphins, etc...



Yes, they have manatees at this aquarium... they were big!


Big display of sea turtles as well...

Tom tells me this is a "convict fish", so blame him if it is something else...

My favourite shot of the day was this "cuddle fish"....

....or maybe it was this "lion fish", I can't remember right now!

Judy is checking out the big tank above... lots in it! Sharks, Stingrays, grouper.... you name it! Neat tank!

They had a real good Sea Lion display, and a bit of an educational show to boot!

We ended up with an aerial view of the performance....

I asked all the Sea Lions to stand up on their front flippers, and they DID!

They actually raise "sea horses" here from eggs... you have to see them swim!

Nuff said! It was a great day that we really enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...



  1. OOHH - what do I like best - the sea horses, no the sea lions, no that convict fish, no the manatees, no the turtles. How fun.

  2. I love aquariums. Carrie and I went to the one in Houston. It is awesome.

    I love the sea horses. So colorful and fun to watch.

  3. I guess you could have given up banking for a marine biology/trainer career. Good job getting those sea lions to cooperate. You have the TOUCH!

    Nice photo tour.

  4. Another fun day exploring, so much to see. Thanks for the tour.