Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hitting the Links...

We were placing the blame on Frank and Patsy last night for bringing in the rain with them! It rained pretty hard last evening, although it was very warm out. This is the first rain we have had since we got here at the first of November! We needed it.



Today turned out fantastic again, hitting well up into the 80's today with lots of sun! We decided to keep the adventure going, by hitting the links!

I found a great course online, Cypresswood Golf and Country Club, only 5 miles from our Park. You could golf 18 holes here, and they gave you an electric cart for $30.00 each! Perfect! Judy and Patsy are checking out the Clubhouse above... this course is inside a gated community!

Check out the great photography with my smart phone, as the ball just leaves Frank's club... you try and do that!


This course is nice and open, and is LONG... there were two Par 5's over 500 yards! Frank bought a new oversized driver and was hitting the thing better than Tiger Woods can! He hit one drive on the 18th today, that I measured at 325 yards! Wow.... (Of course, I find out later... that Frank grew up on the Family owned Golf Course!)



I don't know what I was doing in the picture of Patsy think I would have been standing on the other side of her.... check out the home in the back ground... this course is lined with beautiful homes! Nice course to play!

Take note Gerard! You and I are going to play this course when you are down!


Well, what else do you do after playing 18 on a real hot day! You enjoy some after game refreshments at the 19th hole! We were laughing, as a pitcher of beer here was $7.00!

We made it back to the park, and had to cool off further with a nice swim in the pool, and then fire up the BBQ to do some nice burgers to go with a bunch of salad! What a day! We enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...




  1. Y'all can golf. Call me when it is time for refreshments.

  2. Looks like you all had a great day out there...enjoy!

  3. The best shots have the ball in flight. Now we need to see one from the tee box.

    I've found if I slightly depress the shutter button before the shot, it will focus. Then I finish the press when I want to do the picture.

    Of course, your shot from a cell phone is just amazing.

  4. not an avid golfer but I am capable of driving the beer cart :)

  5. Gotta love the 19th hole, looks like you had a great day.

  6. Great shot with your cellphone. How do you even begin to play with a guy who hammers his drives 325 yards? That's depressing!

  7. Your two are living the life! RV'ing and golf? It doesn't get much better than that....and you motorcycle too!!!!!

  8. That was a great shot with your phone! What kind of phone do you have? I actually work for a RV dealership and most of my pictures are taken with a iPhone 4s when I upload pics of fifth wheel campers and the like. We actually are a dealership in Florida! That's so cool, it looks like you guys are in Florida as well. :) We are in Stuart, Florida. What are some of your favorite places to stay in the area?