Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time off for a Disney Vacation!

I told you all we were so busy the past few days with Frank and Patsy from Gravenhurst, that we needed a vacation! Today it happened!

Judy's Brother Garry, and his Wife, Shelly, flew down into Orlando on Monday for 8 days at Disney, so we came up to Orlando today to join them for a couple days! We drove here at 9:00 this morning and spent the full day with them.


The last time Judy and I were here, was like twenty six or twenty seven years ago, so guess what... a few things have changed!


As you drive into Disney you are welcomed by the big signs above...

We are staying at the All Star Sports Resort, and our personal welcoming committee above were waiting for us as we drove into the check in parking...yes, 80 deg. here again today!

As we walk into our Football Room, everything is Mickey Mouse, including the towels...

You walk through the football helmut to gain access to your room... cool!

Between to two buildings, they built a football field, with goal posts at the ends... go figure! Lots of money around here!

Beautiful pools, with a bit of advertising for some Pop...

All the resorts have a "theme" around here, so we spent the morning walking around all the grounds... Jazz above...


Of course, good old "Herbie" the love bug...


Not sure what this one was...???... (Mops and buckets?)


Jack in the Box...


Toy Storey... I am sure all the kids love this stuff!

Buzz Lightyear...

1001 Dalmations...

Judy and Garry on Resort TV!

The Ducks have a new goalie for this year!

We walked around the Disney Market Place Downtown... lots of shops and places to spend money!

Lots of fancy restaurants like the one above...

Planet Hollywood...

I finally got to ride a "Chopper" at the Harley Davidson Store!

Christmas Photo Opp.


Went for a boat ride, but stayed off the Balloon...

We rode the awesome Monorail System!

and we toured around the Epcot Centre. Phew... what a day!

Ooooohhhh....almost forgot....we were on a Disney Bus today and I looked up at the sign...check it out!



Tomorrow we plan to go and spend the day at the Hollywood Theme Park! Should be fun!

Till tomorrow...



  1. If I recall my Disney movies when the kids were growing up the Mops and Pails are from the Fantasia movie. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Looks like a fun day...great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  3. What a day. Those theme based hotels are pretty amazing.

    I was hoping to see a pic of you wearing Mickey Mouse ears!

  4. That was one great photo tour of your day with B.I.L. and wife. Nice! Very nice!

    That chopper looked good on you! What the heck, go crazy and get yourself one. Look out Peter Fonda!