Thursday, December 27, 2012

Take a hike!

Lots of sun blazing in the sky this morning... love the Florida weather.

We decided to take a hike today, and added in a few other activities along the way... check it out!

Only a 5 mile drive to what is known as the Cedar Point Park... above is the Office and educational area of the Park...

This is a wilderness type of park, and is home to many American Bald Headed Eagles... and we found one today... she was sitting on eggs, so we had to be quiet.

Thanks to Cheryl for taking this picture for me... it is heavy on the zoom and cropped, but you sure get the idea of what we came across in this Park this afternoon.

As a bonus, we also came across an armadillo during the hike, and again, this picture is credited to Cheryl, job well done!

These two dudes were seen walking along the trail... don't know who they are!

This afternoon the girls went out on the kayaks... it was their turn. Cheryl is the guest photographer today, and caught this egret in the canal behind our house today...

Now we are down to a few smart phone pictures as they launch off in the boats...

They made quite a run this afternoon in ideal conditions.... our Sea Eagle Kayaks had a good run!

And Judy took one of my favourite pictures today, of Cheryl making her way down the canal in the kayak... check out the major reflection on the water in this pic! Well done Judy!

While they were out in the boats, Tom and I took the bikes out for a 7 1/2 mile ride! Phew...

Till tomorrow...



  1. When I saw the first pictures in your post tonight I thought you were taking the day off from Photography. I had just read Cheryl's post and seen the same pics. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a lovely day you two had. I love the photo of the bald eagle. The only armadillo I have ever seen is a dead one. Pretty cool to see a live one.

  3. More fun in the sun, enjoying the great weather, too much fun.

  4. I want to see an armadillo!! Your last picture is really gorgeous.

  5. You have just raised the bar! Now we have to find an Armadillo!