Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keeping up with the Jones'.......

Why is it that when you live in a Town, or a City, or a sub-division, you always seem to want to compare your house against all your neighbours! Just the way things are I guess, and I might have been guilty of this practice in the past!

Well, seems we got caught up in it again today... keeping up with the Jones'.

Mind you though, this was a very, very practical keeping up with the Jones'. We bought a new sun shade that attaches to our awning off our RV. Here you NEED it! The sun here is very hot during the day, and as our RV is facing pretty much to the East, we get blasted with sun rays all day long. You could hardly sit out on our patio as the sun would be in your eyes, and very hot.

Our neighbours all have found the same problem, and have bought these shades for their RV's, so we were just keeping up today. Ron and Rachael, bought theirs from a local business in Lake Wales. Judy and I decided to check them out today.

J & J Sunshades LLC is a small business located on East Polk Ave., in Lake Wales and is a great spot to visit. They only make the sunshades, and RV Mats for your patio. However, they do BIG business! If you are looking for a shade, or mat, check them out at www.rvmat.com

We paid $95.00 for our shade, which is totally made and manufactured in the U.S.


It does a great job of blocking the sun, and adds privacy when you are sitting out in a busy park! You can also roll them up with the canopy if you have to, or simply remove it first from the track it sits in.

We did not do much today, taking life kind of easy... we were going to take the bicycles out this afternoon, however, when we loaded them up we noticed right away that Judy had a very flat tire on the front wheel... this will never do. Seems she must have ran over something that punctured the tire last time out, so we picked up a new tube from Walmart, and will replace it maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

Till tomorrow...



  1. we have a sun shade also...and have had to use it in the past..we only get the morning sun here so we currently dont' have it up...which park are you folks in ?

  2. Nice looking shades, John. Just remember, if you ever return to Desert Hot Springs just leave that shade at home! It would be blown away and never be seen again in no time!

  3. With all that sun, you two should arrive back in Ontario next spring with dandy tans ;-)

  4. When are you going to go flying?

  5. Looks like a nice addition...great job!

  6. Nice Sun Shade John, thanks for the site link. Glad you both are enjoying Florida makes for a nice change.

  7. That sunshade sure does come in handy at times, we have had our for years, made a fellow rv'er that was right in our park.