Friday, December 7, 2012

Bikers Paradise....

I was a little concerned when we got up this morning, as I saw no sunlight coming through the skylight in our bathroom... it was quite overcast. We enjoyed breakfast, and decided it was certainly time for a motorcycle ride today.

We sent an email off to Elaine and Rick, who are camped down at Moore Haven to see what they were up to today.... we did not get a response, but decided, hey, what the heck, it was a great day for a ride!

We were on the road at 10:00 bells and soon the overcast skies turned into Florida sunshine! Perfect!

We took Highway 27, which runs from here, right down to Moore Haven, which is about 100 miles away. We arrived in time to enjoy a salad wrap at Burger King, which was about the only restaurant I recognized at Moore Haven...


As we got closer to Moore Haven, we were trying to figure out what the heck was growing in the fields... turned out it was sugar cane! There is a lot of it down there...

Elaine and Rick are staying out at "The Glades RV Resort". Judy and I first reserved to stay at the same Resort when we made the decision to come to Florida. We changed our minds though, after we figured out there was not a lot of local accomodations for our visitor's coming this winter, so we decided on Winter Haven instead.


It did not take us long to find Rick and Elaine's RV... we recoginized it from their Blog. This Resort is very big, and the sites are huge! I love it! They even have Verizon coverage here, as I brought along our iPad and everything was working fine! They have a great site for the winter! We missed seeing Rick and Elaine, as they were away for the day, but we will run into them yet again this winter.

Judy always measures a Resort by their pool, and she said this one passed! They also have a great looking Golf Course at this Resort, and a Marina for the boaters out there.

We headed back up Highway 27, and made a pit stop in Lake Placid. Check out this tower we found along the Highway.


Now, you might think, Hey, they have gone back to the Bok Tower! Nope, I called this one Bok Tower II.

This was at one time, a nice restaurant at the base, and you could climb the tower to look at all the lakes in the area. I say, "at one time", because this is all closed up tight now... too bad. Guess they went broke! Neat spot though.

Great ride, great day!


Above is pictured a Burmese Python... no, I did not take this picture. They have a problem with them here in Florida. The Everglades are getting to be full of them. It seems people have released them into the Everglades as they did not want to keep them as pets anymore... seems they have thrived in the Everglades and now they have a problem. So, what do you do with them!

They have set up a contest! They have put an open hunt on these snakes, and the person bagging the most of them will win $1,500.00. The person bagging the largest one is going to get $1,000.00 reward! It cost $25.00 to get a permit to join the hunt, and you first have to take an online safety course! Don't think I will partake in this one...

Till tomorrow...



  1. I agree with you, snake hunting is not high on my list!

  2. Hi sorry we missed you....we didn't receive any email from you today :( had we known we definitely would have been here...

  3. So sorry you didn't get to meet up with Elaine and Rick, but I am sure you had a wonderful ride.

    No thank you to the snake hunt.

  4. Those puffy whites in a blue bird sky remind me so much of Florida velvet air. Lucky you!

  5. I'd pass on the snake hunting no matter what kind of reward was offered.

    Weird place for a big tower.

  6. Bag enough snakes and you could make a whole motorcycling outfit for your self!

  7. That is a nice road trip , not too much traffic and great weather. Too bad you missed Elaine and Rick.

  8. Imagine those snake skin motorcycle riding boots,... should you bag one of those Burmese Pythons! Hmmmm, you are likely going to hold out for Crockagator boots though, eh?

    Nice bike ride but too bad you missed meeting up with Elaine and Rick. You will have plenty of opportunities to go back there though!