Thursday, December 20, 2012

More RV Repairs...

Yes, more repairs today... remember, these things are just really a great big car... they break down!

More or less a minor item today... the fan in our bathroom vent was causing problems... seems it got too much sun!

Check out the fan above on the left... it is about 7 years old, and was subject to direct sunshine when the vent was opened up. It is so brittle, that as soon as you touch it, it breaks! It broke, and got out of balance, which was causing the fan to vibrate, which would eventually blow the fan motor out.

On the right, you see a brand new replacement fan blade from Camping World, just outside Bartow. This is a $9.00 item, and is very easy to install yourself. It simply pushes onto the motor shaft! Heck, any good RV'er worth their salt can do this job!

The best part of this job, was I got to make the 30 klm. drive over to Camping World on my 750 Honda, and managed to take the circle tour on the way home... what a great day (and excuse) for a bike ride! I could have driven the bike all day!

This afternoon, we had a guy from a local flooring Company in to give us a quote on replacing some flooring in the RV... more on that later.

Later this afternoon, Judy and I went out doing some Christmas shopping! For ourselves... the best kind!


Even though over 95% of the motorcycle drivers down here in Florida do NOT wear helmets... that is not going to happen with us! Our existing helmets are about 5 or 6 years old, and have worn out, so we bought a couple new ones at the local Honda Dealership in Winter Haven. Now, as you can imagine, they did not really have a big selection, as they do not sell many, but they had some, and we found a couple that we really liked at a great price, so after Judy convinced the guy to give us a 10% discount for buying 2 of them, we were out the door. Judy's is identical to the one I am wearing above... these helmets have a nice pop down clear visor on the front that covers the full face. Tomorrow morning, I will install our communicators in them, as we can talk back and forth with them.

Many thanks to my Mom up in Orillia, for providing the funding for the helmets... she always told me I had lots of brains in there to protect! Thanks Mom! Merry Christmas! ( yes, even though Mom is getting on... she reads the blog most nights...)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice helmets! And it only makes sense that a mom would want to protect her son's noggin.

    Really tough job with the fan....but well done with the directions on removal and install.

  2. very nice helmets...I'm amazed at the folks down here in Fl who do NOT wear helmets...I always wore a full face as did Rick when we had our bikes..and I rigged in leather from head to toe...glad to see the Rv repair was a cheap one :) those are the best kind.

  3. Nice head gear! I think you are very wise to keep the noggin protected.

  4. Heck, John, with that helmet on I thought you were a Mayan from the heavens come down to end the world!!

    I like those kind of easy RV fixes.