Thursday, December 6, 2012

Work, work, work... but visitor's are coming!

Wow... did we work our butts off today... little did I know it, our neighbour Carol was snapping away on her camera when Judy and I were out cleaning up the yard!


We borrowed the rake from the Park, and we are actually trying to get rid of the "sand burrs...", they are a nasty little round burr that is not a fun thing to have stuck to you...

Who says I don't know how to do the manual labour???


Judy is all happy above, as we were out biking today. She has had a bad winter with 2 flat tires now! One on the Jeep, and last week she blew out the front tire on her bicycle! She ran over something that spiked through the tire and hit the tube. We purchased a new tube at Walmart for $8.00 that is a self sealing tube, so if it goes flat, it fixes itself! Go figure! It was real easy to install... not like when you were a kid and it took 3 people and 5 screwdrivers to do the job. You can remove the new tires by hand, and replace the tube and tire again by hand... no tools! Easypeasy....


In last night's blog about Bok Tower Gardens, I forgot to include this picture I took above... Check it out! The Gardens were dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge back in Feb. of 1929! He planted a Palm Tree that day, and this is the plaque on the tree! Nothing like a bit of history!

Took a drive down to Camping World today, just about a 20 minute drive south of us, and managed to escape without spending a dime! Guess we have it all!

Received an email from good Friends, Frank and Patsy from Gravenhurst, who are actually touring Florida in their 5th Wheel and are going to stop by on Saturday and stay a while! Perfect! We are looking forward to seeing you guys... I am sure we can get into some trouble, and I hear someone is have a Birthday maybe...(Patsy!)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hadn't seen those self sealing tire tubes for bikes yet, pretty good if they work. Nice that you will have friends visiting lots of fun to come. You do sound like you have it all walking out of CW with nothing, haven't done that yet. Have a Great Friday!

  2. That must be one big palm tree if it dates back to 1929.

    Sometimes we just have to grab the bull by the horns and do the work our self. I hate those sandy burrs. When we get to Mission, we have burrs just in the grass. Makes it difficult to walk Bella.

  3. Nice to see you doin a bit of work. Gonna do the whole park?????
    Have fun.

  4. Nice to see you doin a bit of work. Gonna do the whole park?????
    Have fun.

  5. Just remember that old saying "all work and no play makes.....". Although, I don't think you have to worry about that.