Monday, December 10, 2012

Bikers again...

We met Frank and Patsy from Gravenhurst while on a Motorcycle Rally in Bowling Green, Kentucky... since then we have spent many a trip together on the bikes!

Today, was just another great day out on the bikes! Frank was thinking of renting a motorcycle, and we would head out for a ride, but we ended up deciding we had enough bikes with Judy's and mine, so we would just double up and ride them!

At 9:00 we were on the road for the Tampa area! Frank had never been over to see the Gulf of Mexico! It was overcast when we left, however really warm as usual!

This first pic is from Clearwater Beach over on the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the white sand! Wow....


We took a walk out on the Pier and enjoyed our lunch out there...


Patsy and Frank were really enjoying their lunch when all of a sudden this seagull swooped in and took 1/2 of Frank's egg salad sandwich and shared it with about 200 of his buddies! It was crazy... forget to get a pic of this action though... too bad.

We walked around after lunch enjoying the beach and area... just taking it all in.

We drove south on the inter-coastal highway #699 for about 20 miles... check out this pictures Judy took from the back of my motorcycle of Patsy and Frank riding her Bergman. It was 80 deg. F. but overcast... lucky for us, it never did rain today!


It is amazing it did not rain today with the clouds looking the way they did... below we stopped to check out the beach and pick up some sea shells....

Judy is holding the proof below...

Overall, just another great day! We finished it off with Frank taking us all out for Dinner at "IamPasta Cafe" which is right beside our Park, so we just walked over! It was simply "EXCELLENT"! Thanks Frank!

I have to change gears tonight, and let you know, that we received a special report from our Financial Planner up in Woodstock, Ontario!

As you can see, Princess Gwenny, our new Adviser, received some Financial Reports from one of our Companies we deal with, and was giving it the "what for"!

After she finished her review, she advised Judy and I that "all was well" and we could continue staying retired! Although I thought I noted a wee bit of concern on her face.... hhhmmmmmmmmmm.....

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice of you to loan out the Bergman and then head off to the coast. Your photos tell a pretty nice story to compliment the words.

    I do think I could retain your financial advisor. I bet she would offer better advice than I've had in the past. LOL

  2. The white sand beach is just unbelievable beautiful.

    Gwenny looks like she takes her job very serious! Glad she's keeping your finances in the black. Love those pony tails.

  3. Gwenny looks like she takes your portfolio much more serious than our financial advisor does and I bet her fees are much less, stick with her. :)

  4. Another great day for the bikers, love the white sandy beaches.

  5. I'm glad to hear Gwenny feels you can stay retired for now - just keep listening to her advice and you should be o.k.

    That Clearwater Beach is sure beautiful.

  6. Be assured that's not Gwenny's concerned look (think of her visit to Santa) this look is her 'all business' look - reserved for important clients.

    Beautiful white sand beaches!